What to Consider Before Adopting a Munchkin Cat as Your Pet

Adopting a pet is usually a very simple process, and it can take little to no time. Yet, before adopting, there are some things you should definitely have in mind, especially when it comes to their care and needs. And of course, research is one of those things.

Getting to know what you can expect from having a pet will allow you to decide whether you are up to the challenge or not, how expensive it can get, and how much attention and care the pet will need. 

When we talk about cats, we can say that they are very particular animals in comparison to dogs, both being the most commonly adopted pets. Cats are more unique when it comes to their needs, and might require you to invest a little more in tools and gadgets for them, yet, they tend to be more independent. 

With that said, something very important to consider is the breed of cat you want to own. Believe it or not, a breed can heavily influence its behavior, personality, and of course, physical traits.

In this article, we will provide some general advice regarding owning a cat, and talk in more detail about a species known as the Munchkin cat, and some of the things you should definitely know about before adopting.

Being a First Time Cat Owner

Cats are, in a way, much easier to handle than dogs. Even more for people with some level of responsibility in their daily lives, or people who don’t have the time (or energies) to walk with their dogs around a park, or take care of all of their needs during the day.

Generally speaking, as mentioned in this article, cats tend to be much more independent than dogs due to the fact that they can learn how to engage efficiently in different activities to keep themselves healthy and keep your house clean and odorless.

Because of their size, they can engage in physical activities in the house with no problem (Just be careful of things placed in dangerous positions or with poor stability!), and it is actually recommended to own two cats because, with the company of another cat, they can get to play around, exercise, and avoid feeling anxious or lonely. 

However, you will have to invest in specific tools like a litter box, a little scoop, scratching spots, and some toys or a cat tower, which are usually some of the most important things to buy for cats. 

When it comes to their diet, variating between dry food and wet food is the most recommended way to go, providing them with dry food on a regular basis and wet food every now and then. They can learn easily were to provide for themselves as well and drink water when needed, and as long as you plan their diet, they will get accustomed to it.

Ideally, you should teach them how to deal with baths as soon as possible, just in case you decide to hire a professional groomer or decide to take care of its needs by yourself. Learning how to groom might be a good idea, so you might want to check this guide over here https://statesnewsjournal.com/tips-in-caring-for-your-maine-coon-cat/ to learn how to groom a cat.

Now, this advice is especially good for people who will become first-time cat owners. However, when it comes to the munchkin cat, there are some considerations to have in mind.

Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats care very particular cats, just because they are considered short-legged animals. This means that they can be rather small, and although this doesn’t affect them as much when it comes to climbing certain locations or moving around the house, they might have some incidents trying to reach unreachable places or jumping in between objects. For that reason, it is recommended to have bridges or jumping spaces for them to move around.

Because of their short legs, you want to keep them inside since they can get dirty very easily, and this can get problematic very quickly because of their fur.

A Munchkin can have either long or short fur. Its type of fur can definitely influence how grooming will be done, and how occasionally you will have to do it. Longer furs tend to have more undercoats, which leads to more fur being released all-around your house, so learning to groom comes in handy. 

You can always rely on a professional groomer as well, but you should get your cat used to the idea of being bathed, and being around strangers before doing that. If you believe your Munchkin is too aggressive (which is fairly rare) you might want to skip hiring a professional until you fix its behavior.

How Munchkins Behave

Believe it or not, cats are heavily influenced by their breeds. It can decide some of its behavioral patterns around other cats and people, as well as its personality. When it comes to the Munchkin personality, we can all agree to say that they are very family-oriented cats. They are calm, amicable, and very relaxed animals.

They are also very loving and caring and can bond really easily with other animals and people. Because of this, they can get lonely pretty easily, which is the reason why you might want to have another pet around, either a cat or a dog. Though if you work at home and you can give it enough attention, it won’t be a problem.

Curiosity killed the cat is probably a saying that can definitely apply to a Munchkin, just because they like to adventure themselves and get to know all that surrounds them. That is why it is recommended to layout your house in a way that lets them explore without problems. That being said, make sure to take care of furniture and decoration to not let the cat push them around, and for god’s sake, try to place your T.V. in a very stable position, and if you can secure it, do it!