Have you ever heard of North Korea? People often say it’s a very strict place. But guess what? I watched a video that talked about a country even stricter!

This country is called Turkmenistan. Not many people visit there. Even though it has super cool buildings made of marble (that’s a shiny stone) and the tallest flagpole, not many cars or people are seen on its streets.

They have some unusual rules. Like, cars that are dirty are not allowed in the city. Imagine not being allowed to drive because your car was a bit muddy! And once, the leader of the country said no one could have black cars. That’s like telling everyone they can’t wear blue shoes! Also, if you’re a girl, you can’t hold hands with anyone in public places.

But here’s the cool part. Even with all these rules, the people there are happy. It’s like how we have rules in school, but we still have fun with our friends. So, while Turkmenistan might have stricter rules than North Korea, its people still find ways to smile and enjoy life!

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