Is Apple's Vision Pro Going to Flop? | Will History Repeat Itself After Oculus VR's Failed Hype?

In the world of tech advancements, there are many discoveries. One such discovery is Virtual reality. It all initiated with Facebook’s enormous  $2 billion purchase of Oculus. A startup specializing in virtual reality headsets, which later rebranded into Meta Quest. Now, Apple has introduced Vision Pro something similar to Meta Quest. with a staggering price tag of $3,500, staying true to Apple’s premium pricing tradition.

However, what’s outstanding about the Vision Pro isn’t its attributes. But it is an unexpected inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to connect with the general public. Even though major companies like Meta spent millions on virtual reality, they have failed to prepare for the general public.

The idea of an online Metaverse, mainly used by these companies has not captured the public attention. Meta Quest wasn’t able to capture a large audience even though the technology used was advanced. This is due to people preferring to use other apps over VR.

As we gather more information on Apple’s Vision Pro. It is visible that as put forward by tech giants reality doesn’t live up to that expectation. As a result of market factors, it raises doubt about the future of VR and whether it can be used by the general public.

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