Future of Aquatic Activities | Invention of Inflatable Motorized Personal Watercraft

Future of Boating | Invention of Inflatable Motorized Personal Watercraft Takes the Internet by Storm

GoBoat, which is well known for its innovative inflatable boat, introduced the Gen 2.0 Personal Watercraft. This an amazing watercraft designed for adventure seekers. Since its inception in 2016, GoBoat has captured attention for its amazing ring-shaped inflatable design. With this new innovation, they take it to the next level.

Realizing the Power of AirCore Construction: 

This creation uses advanced AirCore composite construction, using three separate air chambers for greater stability and structural integrity. Its slender round design facilitates smooth navigation, making it ideal for playful interactions on the water.

Lightweight and Convenient for Any Adventure

This Weights only 57 lb (25.8 kg), and it is exceptionally portable, easily deflated, and packed into a carry bag or stowed in a car trunk. With the properly placed grab handles, transportation becomes smooth. Its size makes storage easy, fitting smoothly in a closet until your next expedition.

A Complete Package of Comfort, Storage, and Performance

This PWC has detachable inflatable seating, which provides comfort for all-day adventures. Storage bungees and slot rails for goods allow comfort and practicality. This streamlined design supports outdoor enthusiasts to get an amazing watercraft experience.

Powerful Performance

This has a 35-lb (15.8-kg) five-speed electric trolling motor, the PWC reaches cruising speeds of up to 5 mph (8 km/h). Safety features, such as an auto-shutoff mechanism joint to a lanyard, guarantee peace of mind during your water excursions. The aluminum transom allows two U1 batteries (not included), allowing for hours of thrilling boating on a single charge.

Sizes and Prices to Suit Every Adventurer

GoBoat has created the adult version of the Gen 2.0 with a diameter of 70 inches (177.8 cm), with a price of $1,076. Presently, a promotional offer brings the price down to $753. For kids or smaller adults, the Mini variant with a diameter of 55 inches (139.7 cm) is available for $683, discounted to $478 for a limited time.

Embark on Your Water Adventure

You can get an unforgettable experience on the water with the GoBoat Gen 2.0. Due to the high level of stability, portability, and great space both adults and kids can get a good riding experience.

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