How to design a comic book cover?

Comic books are trendy in this age. People from all over the world are fond of reading comic novels. The superhero stories are discussed in comic books. Cartoons and comic novels are the reputed genres of comics. 

There is excellent completion in the comic books, and this is why it isn’t easy to stand out among many comic books so that comic novel gets recognition amongst the people. The book design must be engaging and attractive that can only guarantee the success of your funny books. 

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You need to learn the strategies that can help you to design an appealing cover for the comic book. The essential steps you need to undertake for creating a comic cover are given below:

Step1. Thorough research

It’s the first step to research different comic covers. You need to analyze what covers catch the eye-balls of the readers. For that, you can give a deep look at renowned comic books covers. This is how you get an idea of what type of cover people like. Once you start analyzing the different comic covers, you’ll end up getting a vague idea about attractive comic covers.

The important thing is to decide which cover will suit your characters. If you have written the comic book on the inspirational story, the cover must fit the character instead of mismatching between cover style and level of the books. 

Step2. Brainstorm ideas about comic cover

As a second step, you need to brainstorm the different ideas about designing a catchy cover for your comic book. Research is pre-requite to brainstorming ideas. Once you get to know the trending cover pages, it’s time to develop a unique style according to your book characters. 

It’s essential to know the difference between fantasy series, spy series, or horror comic. You cannot find a one-size-fits-all solution. The choice varies as per the nature of the topic. Choose the design wisely as it means delivering the whole idea by the creation of the cover. 

3. Selection of pose of the character

After conducting deep research and coming up with different cover ideas, you need to decide which pose of the character you want to print on the design. It doesn’t seem very helpful, but it leaves a great impression on the reader’s mind. The moment he sees the book cover, the next moment he decides to open or leave the book on the shelves. 

Again, it depends on your book genre. There’s no hard and fast rule to design a book cover. You can also include logo, title, author name, and series no. Please give it a fair trial and then decide on the final design. 

4. Use proper colors

Colors are the power ingredients of any book cover. You need to hit the human brain with attractive colors. Sometimes, you can give colors based on the characters’ exceptional depiction. Colors are the backbone of the cover. 

Use patterns of colors in the book series. The readers will instantly turn to the 2nd and 3rd editions after reading the 1st edition. It’s a wise move to maintain the patterns in different series of the same topic. 

5. Decide a title

It’s recommended to give a title after writing the whole book. Once you have written the book, it’ll easy to analyze what title will convert higher. For this purpose, do research and explore the titles of the famous books. Then brainstorm the titles and choose any 3 of them wisely. 

With a fair trial, you can choose any title between 3 titles. This is how you can complete the arduous task. 

6. Select a font style

When you have assigned the book title, the next step is to choose a font style. Will it be fancy or simple? It depends on your research and analysis of different titles. For some comics, the font styles have been created from scratch. You can still consider this approach to maintain the uniqueness of your book title.

7. Add other essential details

Once you have given a title with a particular font style, it’s high time to add the necessary details. These details can include, author’s name and edition of the book. You can print the price of the text on the comic cover to know the cost of the book. If they feel like purchasing it, they get it against the mentioned price without wasting time. 

Print date and publisher name should be there to get to know the print date of the book. These things seem tiny but lead to generating a positive impact in the mind of people. 

8. Upload the cover

The layout of your comic book cover is altogether complete. This is when you add different details digitally and add text to the necessary places of the cover. It’s time to publish the cover, and you’re good to go. 

As a whole, it’s a pretty painstaking task to design a cover. You need to hire a professional to create a cover for you. If you are making your book cover, consider keeping in mind the stage as mentioned earlier, you’ll get an idea about designing a catchy comic book cover. 

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