How to Increase First Call Resolution With Better Call Center Solutions!

Are your customer services beneficial to your customers? Are you fixing all of their issues or causing them aggravation? Your First Contact resolution (FCR) rate may have some of the answers. Improving your FCR helps you improve customer satisfaction and retention rates which are highly profitable in the long term for the company.

70% FCR rate means that 70% of customers have their query resolved in their first call. The remaining 30% must call back to resolve their issues. In other words, there is a possibility that 30 out of 100 customers will switch to another company if they don’t get the services and solutions they want.

What is FCR (First Call Resolution)

FCR stands for first call resolution. FCR is calculated by dividing the number of customer queries resolved on the first call by the total number of inbound calls received. Multiplying the results by 100 gives you a percentage. It is a company’s ability to answer a customer’s questions. Furthermore, it is the capacity to eliminate the need for follow-up.

Some Top Benefits of Good FCR

Retain More Customers

Customers lose trust in a firm when their issues are not handled immediately. FCR is a crucial element in changing their allegiance. A high FCR allows you to keep more clients and increase their trust in the company, which is profitable in the long term as happier clients are more likely to stay longer and buy more.

Enhance Productivity

Solving the problems on the first call means you do not have to take repetitive calls. This frees time for other productive duties. If you keep your FCR high, you will keep your income high.

A Complete Guide to Improve FCR By Call Center Solutions

Here in this section, we will discuss some call center solutions that must be done to improve the FCR.

Add portal/Apps For Customer Services

Creating a portal for your organization will aid in paperwork and monitoring the customer’s history with the firm. CRM integration software will be beneficial in this regard. It will assist you in tracking prior transactions and client complaints rather than reading the entire complaint email of the consumer. When a consumer calls, a pop-up window appears, informing the agent of their history.

Keep Good Documentation

If you believe that the majority of your consumers are asking the same question, prepare an answer ahead of time. You may create a short movie detailing the answer or write a step-by-step solution. Furthermore, make that documentation easier and faster to access. However, you can take it a step further. Some businesses utilize self-service, in which AI systems already have answers to frequently asked inquiries, allowing clients to avoid speaking with a human representative. These AI technologies provide step-by-step directions for resolving problems.

Route Calls Quickly

Your response time is really important. The majority of clients ask the agent to transfer their call to another department. In this regard, live call transfers are a very useful tool. Automated call routing reduces wait time and eliminates the need for customers to dial numbers, resulting in increased FCR and agent productivity.

Conduct RCA More Often

RCA is an abbreviation for Root Cause Analysis. The method assists in finding the fundamental causes of the problem (in this example, a decreased FCR rate), which eventually assists call center personnel in identifying a solution to the problem. It is a powerful technique that solves the problem by combining methods, ideas, and procedures. So, if you’re having a problem, ask yourself why you’re having it. What is the fundamental cause of something; once there, you may find the remedy.

Examine Your Support Channel And Solicit Feedback

When you have free time, look over all of the review calls, emails, and texts. You will learn where you are lacking by viewing this criticism. Do they return because the response to their question was ambiguous? Do they return because the agent failed to deliver the necessary information? Or they return because they did not like the goods and want a refund and a return policy. Whatever the case, you will undoubtedly be able to identify the issue. After that, begin working on solutions.


Initial call resolution rates may always be raised, and service delivery procedures should be improved regularly. If you employ any or all of these contact center technologies, you’ll be able to approach issues related to your initial contact resolution rate from a variety of angles. Whether you need to focus on increasing customer happiness through effective assistance, increasing staff engagement, or improving agent-customer communication, the goal is the same: achieve a faster resolution the first time the client contacts you.