Hoo Haa headphones Shark Tank Season 03

As of the beginning of 2024, Hoo Haa Headphones is out of business. In June 2017, Hoo Haa Headphones Appeared on Shark Tank Season 03, episode 02 of Shark Tank Australia and made a deal with Andrew Banks and Naomi Simson for $30 for 30% of equity. Even though the company went out of business soon, it remained one of the most memorable pitches in Shark Tank history. Let’s find out more about the pitch.

Hoo Ha Headphones Net Worth 2024

Net worth$100 (When appeared on Shark Tank Show)
Annual Sales RevenueOut of Business
ProfitsOut of Business
Lifetime salesOut of Business
InvestorAndrew Banks and Naomi Simson
FounderCapital M

When Hoo Ha Headphones appeared on Shark Tank, they were valued at $100. However, even though they were popular for a few months, the company went out of business.

So, Hoo Haa Headphones is out of business in January 2024.

Hoo Ha Headphones Sales And Revenue

According to the available reports, the company was valued at $100 when it appeared on the show. As the company went out of business soon, no data is available about the product’s sales and revenue values.

Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024Out of Business
Net Worth 2023Out of Business
Net Worth 2022$40
Net worth valuation 2017 after appearing on Shark Tank  $100
Net worth valuation in 2017 before appearing on Shark Tank  $100

How Much Did Andrew Banks and Naomi Simson Make From Hoo Haa Head Phones?

There aren’t any clear records of whether the deal was finalized and went through. However, as the company went out of business soon, none of the investors earned any profit from the product.

Competitors Of The Hoo Haa Head Phones

Many headphone brands already in the market are competitors for the product. So brands like Auralu, Focal and QuietComfort 45 can take as the competitors.

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Hoo Haa Head Phone Shark Tank Update

Company NameHoo Haa Headphones
ProductHeadphones with a retractable lead
EpisodeSeason 03 Episode 02
FounderCapital M
Asked For$20 for 20% Stake
Final Deal$30 for 30% Stake (Share)
SharksAndrew Banks and Naomi Simson

After appearing on Shark Tank, everyone was interested in Hoo Haa Headphones. They became super famous, but then they started having financial issues. Sadly, they had to close down. Lots of people liked the headphones for a bit, but in the end, they couldn’t make enough profit to keep going.

So, a few months after the show, the company shut down, and the product was out of stock on all the sites.

What Is Hoo Ha Headphone?

Hoo Haa headphones can retract their wire with just a button press. That’s how Capital M came up with this name for his product. According to Capital M, he has commissioned patents for the US and Australia and hopes to license them for above-market geolocations.

Capital M tries to open up sharks’ eyes toward the fact of how big the headphone market industry is. According to him, it is expected to grow from 13 billion USD to 22B by 2022.

Hoo Haa Headphone Founder

Capital M is a drummer and the founder of Hoo Haa Headphones. During his pitch, he emphasizes that he fancied becoming one of the most famous drummers in the world during his childhood.

He states he has had the chance to play with top Grammy award-winning artists such as Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Ricky Martin, etc.


Is Hoo Haa Headphones Still In Business?

No, Hoo Haa Headphones went out of business just after few months after the show.

What Is Hoo Haa Headphones Net Worth?

It was worth $100 after appearing on Shark Tank.

Where Can I Buy Hoo Haa Headphones?

Hoo Haa Headphones are unavailable in every marketplace.

Who Invested In Hoo Haa Headphones?

Andrew Banks and Naomi Simson

What Is Hoo Haa Headphones Annual Revenue?

Hoo Haa Headphones dont have any recorded revenue as it went out of business within a few months.

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