The first robot vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs

After several years of research, the company called Migo Robotics invented the first robot vacuum (Ascender). Ascender is capable of cleaning stairs. This robot is the first robot that can climb the staircase in the process. With its unique structure and advanced designs, the Ascender aims to revolutionize the way we clean our homes.

Greatest Stair-Cleaning Capabilities

Tradition robots find it difficult to use staircases. However, the Ascender is a 2-in-1 unit that can vacuum and mop floors while effortlessly moving across the stairs. Using articulated legs, it lifts itself a single stair and then reverts to its standard form to clean each step thoroughly. The availability of omnidirectional wheels and suction power make sure to provide a well and effective cleaning experience.

Next-level features and revolutionary technology

As a result of using LiDAR technology, the Ascender grants advanced features like multi-floor mapping and obstacle avoidance. Due to the availability of a powerful suction of 6,000PA and mopping pads that spin at an impressive 3,500 times per minute. We can make this a high-performing robot vacuum. Migo Robotics plans to make Ascender accessible to a greater audience through a crowdfunding campaign. This will allow customers to safeguard an early bird price.

Availability in the future and pricing

By using successful crowdfunding support Migo Robotics decided to ship the Ascender as early as August. Interested customers can make a USD 5 deposit to secure the early bird price of USD 999, while the MSRP is expected to be USD 1,399). Due to its ground-breaking features and capabilities, the Ascender will have a great name among all the other robot vacuums.

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