Facebook has very subtly changed its logo -see if you can spot the difference

Picture of MSM Riham
MSM Riham

In a quiet yet notable move, Facebook has adjusted its well-known logo. This shift is subtle and may go unnoticed by many but is vital for the company’s image.

The iconic ‘f’ remains unchanged, but its color is now a deeper blue. Meta, Facebook’s parent, states this subtle tweak makes the logo “bolder, and everlasting.”

The change is more than just about looks. It seeks to make the lowercase “f” stand out more in the app by offering “stronger contrast,” a move aiming for clearer visual representation.

The new logo has a “more confident expression” of Facebook’s blue color. A user jokingly noted it’s a fancy way to say the logo is simply a darker blue. It uses Facebook’s unique font, Facebook Sans, and a revised wordmark to boost overall readability and maintain consistency.

The design director of Facebook notes that the modifications aim for optical balance and a sense of forward motion. Even though they are subtle, they play a key role in Meta’s branding efforts, showcasing a careful approach to visual identity.

The subtle adjustments to Facebook’s logo highlight the company’s dedication to constant improvement in its branding strategy. They manifest a pursuit of clear and effective visual communication, balancing subtlety and intention to connect effectively with users globally.