Empowering School Students as Emerging Writers: Nurturing the Art of Essay Composition

Empowering School Students as Emerging Writers: Nurturing the Art of Essay Composition

Communication remains one of the most important skills in society today. It helps people to pass their ideas, give instructions, and archive crucial information for institutional progress. These communication skills are learned in class when writing essay compositions. 


Students begin to write essays from the lower grades. The requirements will vary from one topic to the other as well as between grades. Framing your ideas through writing will help you to communicate with other people. Here are ways to nurture students to become effective communicators through writing. 

Provide help with essay writing

Essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks for students. It requires them to conceptualize topics, frame or structure ideas related to the subject, and create a compelling discussion. A student must research the topic, sieve through the ideas unearthed, and write a compelling paper. Such work needs to be done alongside attending classes, writing other assignments, and revising for exams. It is too tedious and could overwhelm an enthusiastic child, killing the passion for writing. 

Writing help comes in several forms. Assist the students to brainstorm ideas before they begin writing. This gives them the confidence to draft the paper since the ideas are already set. Writing services also assist students in producing better quality essays in record time, boosting their confidence in the process. Check paperwritten.com and other writing services for assistance. It makes writing easy, enabling the students to grow their passion for essay writing. 

Encourage a reading culture

Reading is one of the best ways to nurture a good writer. Recommend other materials that a student can read to improve his grammar, expression, essay structuring, and formatting, among other important aspects. Pick the right reading materials for each grade. 

Reading gives the student the ideas he needs to include in his essay. It also helps the student to analyze writing styles and choose those that can be used in different situations. A good reader will also gather the appropriate vocabulary for expressing different ideas. The latest ideas on a subject will also come from written materials. Encourage the students to read in order to obtain the latest ideas for inclusion in the essays. 

Let the students read the essays loud 

While libraries are silent, reading out loud comes with unique advantages. It helps the student to understand the words, expressions, and phrases used in writing. A student can feel the impact of particular sentence structures in delivering the message. Once the ears love a phrase or paragraph, the mind will seek to reproduce it during the next essay. Host reading clubs to enable students to feel their works and those of other authors who they look up to in writing. 

Use the right study materials for each grade 

Learning materials are categorized based on the ability of a student to understand and use them. Pick the right materials for each category as directed by education experts. It ensures that students do not struggle with studying. If they can enjoy studying, they will fall in love with the idea of writing. 

Studying how to write with materials below your grade is equally dangerous. It does not give you the vocabulary and sentence structure needed to improve your writing skills. You will be excelling in a class below your standard. It results in delayed milestones. 

Provide a mentor

A mentor walks with the student in the writing journey. Mentors assess your progress alongside your goals. They will identify weaknesses that require attention. At the same time, they point at strengths that can be nurtured to improve your performance. 

A mentor is usually an accomplished writer or one who is ahead in the writing journey. Forward assignments to the mentor for assessment. Mentors will also recommend competitions, exhibitions, and tasks that help a student to write better. It reduces the time it takes a student to learn writing. He can ask questions that might not have been covered in the writing curriculum and find answers. 

Enter the kids into competitions 

Competitions put pressure on the child to learn new things in an attempt to win. It is also a chance to gauge his performance alongside that of peers at the same level. The prizes that come out of competitions will motivate the student to love writing. 

Competition organizers include seminars and symposiums for participants. Winners and participants also get books as well as materials that they can use to develop their skills. These projects also ignite creativity in the students as they delve into different topics. 

Motivate them to initiate ideas 

Initiating ideas is one of the creative processes in writing. It gives the student the liberty to write about ideas they are thinking or are passionate about. While you provide directions on writing, students can generate own ideas. Encourage them to write on topics that they are passionate about. 

Teach them to use writing tools 

Writing tools simplify writing. A good writing tool will reduce the time taken to complete a task. It also improves mastery of the instructions provided. A student can use writing tools like apps to generate ideas for an essay. The same app can be used to cite sources or generate bibliographies. 

Writing apps boost the confidence of the student that he understands writing instructions. Such help enables the student to concentrate on his ideas instead of worrying about the instructions. Once writing becomes easier, the student will do more and love the exercise. 

Work on writing projects beyond class

Classwork comes with a lot of pressure and restrictions. The rules do not allow students to explore their creativity. Engage the students in projects beyond classwork to exercise their imagination. Students may also come up with writing ideas that do not fit within academic categories. These are the writing projects they will be taking beyond class. 

Reward good writers for motivating them to write more. A reward is a reminder that good writing pays. Encourage good work while correcting the weaknesses. Recommend materials and steps that would help students to improve their writing. It is through reading and writing that the students develop their writing skills to become better communicators. 

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