Being smart with the CMAT exam pattern: The magic bullet to success

Are you one of the CMAT aspirants who will be sitting for the exam this year? Or are you someone who’s making a long-term plan to crack the CMAT exam next year? If you tick either of the criteria, we have some important insights for you.

The magic bullet to cracking the CMAT exam is knowledge of the CMAT exam pattern. By that, we don’t just mean which section contains how many marks. Come on, everyone knows that!  

How to look at the CMAT exam pattern

In the world of business, the destination of most B-schoolers, changes are taking place every day. The courses themselves, as well as the entrances, have evolved so that the most suitable candidates reach each and every business role. 

If you want to crack the CMAT exam with a good score, you need to look at the CMAT exam pattern from the point of view of this evolution. Or simply put, you have to be ‘smart’ with the CMAT exam pattern right from the outset.

How to be smart with the CMAT exam pattern

Look, let’s be honest, thousands of people search ‘CMAT exam pattern’ on Google and get the same results as you do. 

We don’t want to talk about that in detail here, but having an outline will help you understand the main idea better. So, let’s get on with it quickly. 

quick overview of CMAT exam pattern

SectionsNumber of questions Marks
Quant and DI25100
Logical Reasoning25100
General Awareness25100
Language comprehension25100
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (optional)25100

The art of being smart with CMAT prep

  • Real-life approach to problem-solving

Yes, the CMAT exam pattern has Quant, DI, and Logical reasoning, and there are numerous books in the market asking you to solve thousands of problems. However, is there any guarantee that if you solve them, you will be able to crack the CMAT exam? 

Everyone has access to these books, everyone solves the questions, but not everyone gets a good score. The point is not just to prepare, but to prepare for competition. 

Thus, you need to understand that the most important thing a problem demands from you is the approach. Of course, your calculations need to be spot on, but the approach is the most important thing. 

  • Creative problem solving

Once you have a clearly developed approach to a problem, the next big thing is to be creative in solving it. Real-life business problems will require you to creatively find a way out of them.

You’re probably aware that the mantra to success in the corporate world is to take such important decisions in real-time. If you think about it, the CMAT exam pattern is very similar. 

Irrespective of how many hours you devote to CMAT preparation every day, the only thing that matters is your execution on the D-day. It’s just the start of creatively finding a way out of problems and will forever be a part of your career.   

Top courses to pursue after CMAT 

  • MBA in Marketing – 

Even today, MBA in Marketing is a top course to pursue in India. The world of marketing is undergoing innovation, and new tools and techniques are coming into practice. After successfully doing an MBA in Marketing degree, there will be no dearth of employment opportunities.  

Top colleges for MBA in Marketing accepting CMAT score: Alliance Business School, K.J. Somayia & Birla Institute of Technology (BIT)

  • MBA in Data Analytics

Unlike MBA in Marketing, MBA in Data Analytics is a new specialization. It deals with using data to help make better business decisions. The demand for employment in this field is underfed in India, and there are many jobs for skillful candidates that are very well paid. 

Top colleges for MBA in Data Analytics accepting CMAT scores: Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies

  • MBA in Logistics

Although this is a new field, it is actually an offshoot of the traditional field of MBA in Operations. Most big MNCs have multi-site operations and require coordination among them. After an MBA in Logistics, you will be working at the heart of this process. There are many well-paid jobs, especially in the e-commerce sector. 

Top colleges for MBA in Logistics accepting CMAT scores: Lovely Professional University, Amity University    


To sum it up, if you’re smart with the CMAT exam pattern, there are many possibilities that you can explore. After that, all you need to do is to be diligent and put in the required effort for success.  

Remember, when you appear for the CMAT exam, there is nothing to lose. All in all, it will make your overall B-school prep better. We wish you all the very best from our end!  

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