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Where to Study for Nursing – Best Options for Obtaining Nursing Degree

Providing care for the sick or in need of support on their road to recovery is the focus of the medical specialty of nursing. Nurses have to deal with different patients, settings, and cases all the time. To simplify these challenges, you should start with a decent education at a reputable educational institution. And afterward, you will cope with any obstacles faster than with a nursing case study.

Nursing Degrees: What Is There to Know?

The four main areas of nursing are adult, pediatric, learning disabilities, and mental health. Some programs combine two disciplines and offer double degrees.

Most programs combine both theory and practice to the extent that you have enough knowledge and experience at the start of your career. Moreover, some courses are now taught online, like the online masters in mental health nursing, and the schedules are more flexible ,and the schedules are more flexible, allowing the students to include extracurricular practice or training in medicine. Alternatively, you may pursue an apprenticeship to earn money and obtain a credential simultaneously. This provides even more room for practice.

As for the entry requirements – they differ a lot among the institutions. However, the general picture of things that they tend to be looking for is such:

  1. Having studied sciences (math, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) at an A level
  2. High grades mostly
  3. Volunteering at medical clinics, daycare centers, care homes, or charities
  4. Having background knowledge of nursing or medicine in general
  5. Corresponding personal qualities (friendly, emphatic, eager to learn)

You may also need to pass some science exams, have a psychological test, and an interview.

Best Institutions to Study Nursing

So, there are 6 main levels of nursing education: the course length varies from about 2 months to 9 years (if you consider taking the longest path through Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees). The primary levels are more hands-on, yet not precisely suitable for those whose ambitions constantly push them to do more.

Therefore, a Bachelor’s degree is the first step toward a potential nursing career. Here are a few recommendations for colleges where you can study to obtain a nursing diploma:

  1. California State University at Sacramento

This university has affordable tuition fees and offers a staggering variety of nursing specializations, modern approaches to teaching, and the opportunity to study at subsequent educational levels.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

The University provides a thorough nursing curriculum with many possibilities for student research. The school partners with prestigious local hospitals and focuses on the practice. It also pays great attention to innovations and new technologies.

  1. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is an excellent option for anyone studying nursing because of its many degrees, advanced educational options, helpful financial assistance programs, and ability to work at the best hospitals in the USA.

  1. University of California – San Francisco

This university also offers a rather affordable tuition fee and is best known for its nursing Master’s degrees. However, Bachelor’s degrees there are just as marvelous.

  1. University of Washington

Washington University is the place to advance your education – nurses can take various courses and enroll in doctoral programs there to grow professionally. The university is also high in the ranking due to the quality of the education offered.

There are many more institutions that are worth your attention – these are just the ones that rank the highest and are well-known for the quality of the service provided. However, as you know, if a person wants to learn something, they can learn it despite all the obstacles and even in a local community college. So if you truly want to get an education in nursing, you can find an institution for yourself according to location, price, admission requirements – whatever – and just work hard, and you will definitely succeed.

Moreover, You Can Try Studying Nursing Abroad

It is no secret that nursing is respected and prestigious in many countries, so there are many overseas options for students who want to learn this. You can try applying to them for an entire studying course or explore their offers for international student exchange. In any case, it will be an exciting experience and a chance to get more career prospects.

  1. Canada

This is one of the closest countries to the US where students can get an education in nursing. Canadian education is very inclusive and effective in getting an array of new opportunities. The best options for studying nursing here are the Universities of Toronto and Alberta, McMaster University, and the University of British Columbia.

  1. The United Kingdom

The UK has been considered a mecca for those wishing to study healthcare and nursing for more than one century. The highest standards of education and the universal healthcare system make this country one of the best choices for studying abroad. Among the universities for nursing education, we suggest you pay attention to King’s College in London, as well as the universities of Edinburgh, Nottingham, and Manchester.

  1. Scandinavian countries

The Scandinavian countries are among the highest in terms of quality of life and education, so you should definitely try them for nursing education if you are not afraid of the harsh climate. For example, you will be hospitably greeted in Sweden by the University of Gothenburg and Lund University. And Norway is known for its nursing programs provided by the University of Agder.

  1. Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have always been the best options for students looking to study abroad. And, like other study programs, nursing programs are an excellent choice to learn here. If you are interested in this, then be sure to pay attention to the Australian University of Adelaide and Adelaide Nursing School, Deakin, and Charles Darwin universities. When looking for educational institutions in New Zealand, look at The University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington.


A nurse’s job is respected and critical for the functioning of society. It is not only about certain medical knowledge and skills but also about communication skills – a big part of it is working with people. You should be able to find an approach to each person in order to provide the best possible care. This can also be learned at certain universities because the Bachelor’s education in nursing is the most profitable in terms of time and experience gained.

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Written by Joshua White

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