How to Convert PDF to Excel Online

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online?

When it comes to text-based document formats, PDF is by far the most common. It has many advantages, but it also has one serious disadvantage: it is difficult to edit. To make this process easier, it is possible to convert a PDF file to an editable spreadsheet. And the best option is considered to be converting a PDF file into Excel.

Proper Handling of PDF Files

This is a standard format that demonstrates robust protection. One advantage is the small size. The PDF format creates reliable and small files. And due to the open access (can be configured) this file can also be viewed by others, e.g. company employees.

For the description of the program documents XLS format is used. It is a spreadsheet which can be used to efficiently save data in the corresponding cells. Each cell has its own address. It is identified by letters and Arabic numbers.

Surprisingly convert PDF to excel is easy. The conversion is simple. A PDF document is downloaded into a separate program. After that, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format is selected. On demand, we select XLS and XLSX. Work gets started and that’s it. The converter will do everything in a matter of minutes. The user does not need to download and install any programs or applications separately. Thanks to the reliable platform, everything happens online. The only thing the user needs to provide is a stable Internet connection.

Once the PDF to spreadsheet conversion has taken place, the file can be considered completely safe. The high level of security is due to:

  • encryption;
  • regular cleaning of the server;
  • secure downloading.

Using separate software, you can convert files directly on your phone or tablet.

Reliable File Conversion Software

There is probably not a single computer user who has not dealt with PDF format. Naturally, they know that it is virtually impossible to edit such a document. To make any kind of manipulation with the document, it first needs to be converted. What software should one choose for this purpose? According to experts, the best programmes for converting turn pdf into google sheets are as follows:

  1. Free File Converter – provides fast PDF to Excel conversion.
  2. Office Convert Pdf to Excel for XlS Free – is considered a reliable tool. Users can work with it absolutely free.
  3. Nitro PDF to Word Converter – Users choose it for its convenience. You can work online or you can download the program to your computer.
  4. PDFelement Pro – converts your files to the desired format quickly and easily.
  5. UniPDF – This application is very easy to use.
  6. Blue Fox Free PDF to Excel Converter – is considered a universal software for full-featured document conversion.
  7. Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter is fast and easy to convert multiple files at once.
  8. PDF to XLS Converter is a great program with a user friendly interface.

Thanks to a huge number of programmes, every user can quickly and completely convert PDF files to XLS. The great thing is that it can be done online absolutely free of charge and without registration.

Conversion of Files with Pandadoc

Pandadoc has long attracted the attention of experienced computer users. Thanks to modern tools, you can make your work much easier. Users choose Pandadoc because it has a number of advantages. It provides:

  • easy navigation;
  • comfortable and easy to use;
  • pleasant interface;
  • fast operation.

These advantages have ensured that the software has been in the lead for many years.

To convert a PDF file into XLS via Pandadoc, the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Open the programme and load the required file into it by dragging it into the special white box.
  2. Then find the appropriate function.
  3. Wait for the software to convert the file.
  4. Download the finished document to your computer.

There is nothing difficult about it. But most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of time. This makes it possible to convert many documents. Due to the high functionality of PDFPlatform all PDF data will automatically be converted into a spreadsheet, where you can easily edit all the necessary information.

Particular attention should be paid to high security and confidentiality. Therefore you can work with any documents. Documents are automatically saved to the cloud and can be forwarded to other users. They can be accessed by people anywhere in the world. Every user, apart from converting, can also work with documents. Creating, editing, signing and much more can be done using the PandaDoc service. There are many tools and ready-made templates on the site that will be useful for document management.

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Written by Joshua White

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