Elon Musk Deletes Tweet Recommending Unverified Israel War Updates on X

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MSM Riham
Elon Musk Deletes Tweet Recommending Unverified Israel War Updates on X

In a turn of events on the popular social media platform X, Elon Musk, the platform’s renowned owner, took down a tweet. In it, he had previously recommended two specific accounts for real-time updates on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Musk Suggests Following Questionable Accounts

Elon Musk, with a massive following of 160 million on X, had advised users to track the ‘War Monitor’ account among others for insights. However, CNN’s Jake Tapper was quick to point out that War Monitor had a track record of posting content with an antisemitic tilt. This revelation led to widespread discussions online.

Musk quickly withdrew his endorsement. He soon deleted his tweet, but Tapper had already captured and shared it, bringing the issue to a wider audience.

Apart from this incident, Musk often speaks out about the content shared on X. He urged users to “stay as close to the truth as possible,” reflecting his aspiration to bolster the platform’s credibility. Nonetheless, this recent endorsement and subsequent removal have led to questions about the platform’s information vetting process.

Tommy Vietor, a former staffer from the Obama White House, didn’t mince words. He lambasted Musk for seemingly turning X into a disinformation hotspot, further exacerbating the issue by endorsing accounts known for spreading false information and antisemitic narratives.

In a subsequent interaction, Musk rebuked War Monitor for its choice of words in its updates. He emphasized the necessity for unbiased and neutral language in reporting. This hints at the platform’s responsibility to ensure accurate information dissemination.

Worries Grow About Hate Speech on Social Media

This isn’t the first time X, especially under Musk’s leadership, has been under scrutiny. Prominent Jewish leaders had earlier raised concerns, accusing the platform of fostering an environment where antisemitism thrived. They expressed that X, in recent years, has morphed into a more permissive space for bigotry.

Social media platforms continue to play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion. It’s crucial for users and platform owners alike to prioritize the authenticity and neutrality of the information shared.