Easyway Launches World’s First Generative AI Hotel Receptionist

The Israeli firm Easyway has launched a new, automated system to help hotels communicate with their guests. They’re using a blend of their own special technology and the AI behind ChatGPT to make a 24/7 digital concierge. This comes just when hotels are really starting to see guests come back, almost as many as before the pandemic. But, there’s a catch: 87% of these hotels say they’re short-staffed.

Easyway‘s new system hopes to help with this. It lets hotels chat directly with their guests, whether through text, WhatsApp, or directly on the hotel’s website. The best part? It can chat in the guest’s own language, making things a lot more personal. It also gives advice to the hotel owners, helping them get a sense of what guests want and how best to use their staff. And this isn’t just in the U.S. – they plan to roll this out in over 30 countries and in more than 100 languages.

Roy Friedman, the head honcho at Easyway, really believes hotels need to make guests feel special. He said, “Giving guests a personal touch makes all the difference.” He’s confident his new system does just that, making both guests and hotel owners happy.

Other big names in the hotel world have given it a thumbs up. Regis Morin from Criterion Hospitality mentioned how the system effortlessly handles tons of guest messages every day. Sir David Michels, who used to run the Hilton Group, gave a nod to its timely help, especially when there aren’t enough workers around. David Omland from Penta Hotels was impressed by how real the AI chats felt.

One cool feature is that the system can chat back and forth in tons of languages. Whether a guest has a food allergy or just wants to check in, this system is there to help.

Easyway isn’t new to the game. They’ve got ties with big hotel names like Intercontinental and Hilton. A quick snapshot of Easyway: they’ve been the go-to for AI hotel tech since 2019, started by Roy Friedman, Asaf Ofer, and Yaniv Holzer. They’re now working with over 400 hotels in 30+ countries.