“Dessert Boxes” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Dessert Boxes” got featured on Shark Tank Australia on 2018 May. It was founded by Rose, Samantha & Kaisser Khater.

Desert Boxes’ net worth 2022

Here is an update on Dessert Boxes’s net worth so far.

Dessert Boxes’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank300,000 USD
Dessert Boxes’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]20182 Million USD
Dessert Boxes’s Current Net worth (2022) 4.5 Million USD

Dessert Boxes’s founder Rose, Samantha & Kaisser Khater has a net worth of 4.5 Million USD as of 2022


The worldwide franchises of “Shark Tank” create opportunities for businesses to expand more expeditiously than they were previously able to. Business concepts’ viability, profitability, and scalability vary greatly depending on location.

The following is yet another uncomplicated but commendable concept pitched in the Australian edition of Shark Tank. Let’s look at Desert Boxes’ net worth and what happened to desert Boxes after Shark Tank.

What Are ‘Dessert Boxes’?

Dessert Box is an Australian company that delivers sweet treats to customers via the internet. It was established in Australia by three brothers and sisters from a Lebanese family who had previously lived in Lebanon. The business is known as “Dessert Boxes” is not a typical one that gives gifts. 

If they were, they would never appear in the Shark tank contest. Therefore, they expanded their platform for the giving of sweet treats to include some new and innovative features. Because of this, they were given a role in the Australian version of Shark Tank. Fine! Now you know, What are dessert Boxes? Let’s move to get to know about founders.

Who is the owner of dessert boxes?

The three innovative and entrepreneurial siblings from Sydney named Samantha, Rose, and Kaisar were there to shake up the “entire” gift-giving industry with their dessert box delivery service. 

They have every reason to be proud of themselves at this point, having quit their jobs in the corporate world to pursue their dreams of retiring with their parents, who came to the United States from Lebanon 35 years ago. Kaisar worked as Human resources and AI manager before starting the family company. Samantha and Rose worked as marketing coordinators and operational managers before. 

Sharks believed that their corporate life experience had driven them to a successful business. 

What Happened At The Shark Tank?

All three siblings had come to the contest to represent the company. They have made a clear pitch about their company and treated Sharks with their dessert gift Boxes. It attracted Sharks to their business pitch. They asked for 300,000 $ in exchange for a 10% stake in their company. 

While enjoying the product, Sharks asked about numbers. In the first year, they distributed more than 30,000 Boxes in Sydney. They are seeking to expand the business to Melbourne as well with the support and collaboration of Sharks. Already they had earned millions of dollars in hand. 

The most exciting thing is that they also had 1.4 million AUD in their bank account. So, Sharks asked, why are you here! But, Sharks was excited about being a part of that exciting company. So, all sharks make deals individually. Steve offered them what they asked for 300,000 $ for 10%. Janine has offered you 20%. 

Another shark offered 25%. Finally, Glen and Naomi have offered 15% each. Three siblings got a minute to discuss, and they decided to request Naomi for a 12% stake in their company. She agreed, and the deal was done!

Desert Boxes shark tank pitch

Desert Boxes Shark tank Update

Like other businesses which appeared on Shark Tank, they also got more attraction from customers after the Shark Tank episode. 

What happened to Dessert Boxes after the Shark Tank?

So, it may be subject to sales growth. With the professional partnership with Naomi and her investment of 300,000$, Dessert Boxes made many positive changes to the business. Now they have more than 25 employees. And they had spread out of Sydney. 

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AskNaomi | Dessert Boxes on Shark Tank Australia

Competitors of Dessert Boxes

There are many competitors for Desert Boxes. Because it is not a 100% unique business idea, or it is not a 100% innovative idea that has a patient. Ma-Ka-Rohn, Hit the spot treats, Jars by Dani, and Woops, are only a few examples of leading competitive companies. 

As an Australian dessert gift-giving company, Dessert Boxes have a simple but innovative business model. They had earned massive success at the company’s beginning as three siblings. 

But, they wanted to add more to the business and spread it out of Sydney. They got the deal with Naomi and a fast-growing success of the company. 

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