Creative Uses for SMS Broadcasting Software for Enterprises

Use of SMS in business is nothing new. There was a time when SMS service providers would engage lots of freelancers to use their personal mobile phones to send out SMS messages as part of marketing campaigns. Today, the task is made much easier and affordable through the SMS broadcasting software. Simply set up a message, link it to numbers from your CRM, schedule it and thousands of messages drop into target customers’ phones inboxes in minutes. You have full control and you can use SMS or the linked voice broadcasting software as many times as you like without worries about costs. Most people use this as a modern SMS marketing software as well. Let’s dive right in.

Typical features of SMS broadcasting software

You can get the SMS/Voice broadcasting software as a stand-alone solution or bundle it into your existing IVR and IP PBX through API integration by the provider. Typical features of the SMS broadcasting software: 

  • Record voice message and convert it to text
  • Include in the message call back number that goes into multi-level IVR
  • Pick numbers from the contact list in linked CRM. You can segregate numbers by demographics, age, location, time to be called or any such key metric.
  • Link numbers to specific text message.
  • Schedule when the SMS and/or voice message should be broadcast. 
  • At that time the system activates and sends out thousands of messages in just a few minutes. 
  • Keep track of responses and follow through to manage leads
  • Design a campaign, implement it and use real time analytics to see how it is working out for you. 
  • Segregate DND numbers

A tool is only as good as the use to which it is put. The SMS/Voice broadcasting software is versatile, low cost and automated so you can use it any number of times, almost daily, in creative ways for your business apart from sales campaigns. 

Launch contests

Design a campaign with a contest at the center. Announce it to existing customers or new targets and invite participation by using the SMS broadcast software.The campaign management feature lets you name the campaign and keep it separate from other campaigns. You could have contests for existing customers, for new customers and even for agents and employees and the best part is you do not have to deploy personnel.  CRM linked to SMS broadcast software keeps everything separate and easily manageable. Analytics lets you know success and response rate. 

Customer service and surveys

How well do you rate with your customers. A phone call to thousands of customers would be tedious. Instead, use the SMS broadcasting software with multi-level IVR and simply assign key numerals to ratings. You receive simple feedback. You can make it a bit more complicated by adding another stage such as asking if customers would like to interact with a human agent. 

Daily fix

46% of people say they check their phones every day. Rate of SMS opening is 98% compared to 20% for email. Use SMS broadcasting software to send out daily fix to your customers. It need not contain exhortation to buy. You could share interesting tidbits such as, say, for example, where, in the current context you can find oxygen cylinders or admission to hospitals. The daily fix through SMS broadcast is a way to keep in touch and to show you care. It adds polish to your brand image. Include a response number in the text message plus URL or email link and a one way communication could turn interactive, engaging you with customers. You can provide information, tips and advice in digestible bites. 

You could also use the daily fix SMS to arouse curiosity. For example “Wish to know what special offer we have in store for you? Text… to …”

Within the office

So many people and so much to do. People are bound to forget. Use SMS broadcasting software creatively to push messages such as appointment reminders, send out announcements or give healthcare tips to your employees every day. It becomes a habit and employees will check their inboxes to see what you have sent. Is it someone’s birthday? Wish them or, better still, let everyone know so they all can send greetings or arrange a party.  By the same token, you could use it to motivate others by announcing through voice broadcast or SMS that Mr X is awarded a prize for outstanding performance for the month.  If employees have a grievance, they can be advised to respond through the SMS broadcast solution. 

These can run concurrently with your SMS broadcasting software based lead generation campaigns and give you so much more value. 

In fact, these are just a few uses to which you can put the SMS broadcasting software every day & throughout the year. Maybe you should also consider appointing a full-time SMS campaign manager but please get the SMS/voice broadcasting software first!

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