Future of Water Sports: Chiliboats’ High-Speed Waterbikes Take Water Sports to New Heights

Future of Water Sports: Chiliboats' High-Speed Waterbikes Take Water Sports to New Heights

Chiliboats is an active inventor in the world of water sports and they build waterbikes for outdoor activities. In addition, this acts as a refreshing alternative to traditional water sports that combines both cycling and boating.

Speed, design, and performance.

Chiliboats waterbikes achieve a remarkable speed of up to 10 mph (16 km/h). With an amazing design and sturdy aluminum frames, these bikes are lightweight, convenient to assemble, and fit in most car trunks.

The catamaran setup makes sure of stability and safety. In addition, the waterbikes are equipped with anodized aluminum and stainless steel, providing robust protection against corrosion. Continuous improvements increase the level of performance and maneuverability.

The Bikeboat Up offers an easy cycling posture. The Bikeboat Rec supplies a recumbent position for added comfort on longer rides. The Tandem model provides space for two riders and offers stability and comfort with its 4.7m long floats.

These waterbikes consist of reinforced PVC inflatables, and resistant finishes, and come with a repair kit. These waterbikes do not require a license. Riders of any height can enjoy the bikes. These provide an amazing riding opportunity.


These provide freedom of movement, low injury, and the ability to explore water bodies in any direction. Individuals of all ages and abilities can actively participate in this sport. You can experience the excitement and thrill of water sports with Chiliboats’ high-performance waterbikes.