Bohana Net Worth 2023 Update – What Happened after Shark Tank

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Bohana is a snack made from water lily seeds that appeared on Shark Tank USA season 11 in 2020. As of 2023 Bohana’s net worth is estimated at $3 million and is still in business as a successful unique snack.

Bohana was founded by Nadine and Priyal in 2017. Because of Priyal’s pregnancy, Nadine came alone to Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for 10% equity and ended up with Mr. Wonderful’s offer of $200,000 for 8%.

So what happened to Bohana after Shark Tank, and how are they doing now? Let’s find out the story of a unique water lily seed snack, Bohana.

How much is Bohana’s net worth in 2023? 

Bohana’s net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2023. When Bohana appeared in Shark Tank, they had $123,000 in sales from 16 months, and it was their lifetime sale. Nadine said that the product was sold for $3.99 at the time.

In 2023, Bohana sold their one bag of water lily snacks for $19.99 to $29.99 and is available in over 250 stores around the USA.

Bohana’s Net worth (before appearing on Shark Tank)2 Million USD (business valuation)
Bohana’s Net Worth (2021)1.5 Million USD 
Bohana’s Current Net Worth (2023) 3 Million USD 

Bohana’s founders, Nadine and Priyal, have net worths of $4 million USD as of 2023.

How is the Bohana doing now? 

Amazone and Bohana’s official website shows they are still in business as of 2023. They have been experiencing remarkable growth and continued success since their appearance on Shark Tank. Bohana has been gaining popularity among consumers who are seeking healthier snack options.

They have been listening to their customers and have introduced exciting new product features, expanding their flavor options and product varieties. As of 2023, the Bohana brand and product own by Boon Distribution. 

What is Bohana?

Bohana is a brand that offers a unique and healthy snack alternative. They specialize in popped water lily seeds, a nutritious and delicious snack option. Bohana’s website states that popped water lily seeds are gluten-free, vegan, and made with minimal processing. 

Mostly, Asian people eat popped water lily seeds, and according to Nadine, Bohana is the first popped water lily seed in USA retail market. Also, they have various flavors, including Himalayan Pink Salt, Soulful Spice, and Wild White Cheddar. 

Who owns Bohana?

Bohana was founded by Nadine Habayeb and Priyal Bhartiya in 2017. But in January 2023, Bohana was sold to Boon Distribution. According to LinkedIn, Nadine Habayeb is now the CEO of Bohana, and Priyal Bhartiya is the COO of Bohana.

Nadine Habayeb is an MBA holder who worked for Yves Saint Laurent as Marketing head in the Middle East until 2015.

Priyal Bhartiya is a BA graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and she has been working as a Creative Director for Bina since 2014.

What happened to Bohana in Shark Tank?

Bohana’s co-founder Nadine Habayeb appeared in a Shark Tank seeking $200,000 in exchange for 10% of their company. In the show, Nadine explains to the sharks that Bohana is the first water lily seed in the USA market. And also she explained Bohana has nine Mandatory amino acids and a small amount of fat. 

After the explanation, Sharks asked about the price of one bag in the retail market. Nadine said it was twice priced as a normal popcorn bag, selling for $3.99. The answer shocked the sharks, and Kevin confusedly said it is a lot of money. 

Then Nadine explains Bohana is not an ordinary snack. It is a vegan and healthy snack option. Then Shark asked what their lifetime sale was, and $123,000 was the total sale so far. 

After the discussion, Mark Cuban left the deal, saying he was not excited enough about the product. Then followingly, Lori and guest shark Rohan Oza went out followingly. However, Barbara offered $2000,000 for 30% of the company, and Nadine was shocked by that offer. Followingly Mr. Wonderful offered a $200,000 loan with 9% interest over 3 years in exchange for 8% equity.

After some chat with herself, Nadine accepted the offer from Mr Wonderful.

Bohana Shark Tank Update – What Happened After the Shark Tank?

After airing the episode, Bohana just increased its sales by 500%. And there has no evidence that Bohan’s deal with Kevin was closed or not, and the product is not featured on Kevin’s website

The record shows that in 2022, Bohana reached $4 million in annual sales. After Shark Tank, in January 2023, Bohana was acquired by Boon Distribution for an undisclosed amount. Now the company is owned by Boon Distributions.

Bohana product review

Bohana is a gluten-free, healthy snack made from water lily seeds. It is a healthy alternative for popcorn and is available in many flavors, including savoury Himalayan Pink Salt, the bold Soulful Spice, and the irresistibly cheesy Wild White Cheddar. It sold for $29.99 on their official website. The package says it contains 2g of protein and 90 calories.

Bohana Product review

Who are the competitors of Bohana?

  • SuperFreshies LLC
  • Snow Monkey Inc
  • Wellwell LLC
  • Red Beard Beef Jerky


Who is the owner of Bohana?

Bohana was founded by Nadine and Priyal in 2017 and sold to Boon Distribution in 2023.

Is Bohana still in business?

Yes, as of 2023, Bohana is still in business.

Is Bohana kosher?

Yes, Bohana is kosher.