Animal Ear Protector

This “Animal Ear Protector” might be the strangest thing for dogs

The ‘Animal Ear Protector’ is a unique idea of an animal lover that patented a solution to solve problems faced by many long-eared animals, such as dirt and discomfort while eating. James D. William came up with a solution to this problem, which he patented in 1980 under US Patent 4233942.

This Animal Ear Protector caters to our furry friends’ needs. Long-eared dogs often face challenges during their mealtime. When their long, floppy ears dip into their food, it not only makes their ears dirty but also causes discomfort. This animal ear protector might be the best solution to reduce those issues and let’s have a look at this absurd invention.

The Invention

The invention is a set of tubular-shaped ear protectors designed for dogs and made from a self-biassing plastic sheet. These protectors form a tube that can be easily opened to insert the dog’s ears. They are kept in place by a collar with two adjustable straps, one goes above the head, and one goes below. 

Animal Ear Protector 1
Image source : Google Patents
Animal Ear Protector 3
Image Source : Google Patents

This design keeps the dog’s ears away from the food bowl, providing a cleaner eating experience for our furry friends.

The Science Behind the Animal Ear Protector

The design smartly utilizes a dog’s natural shape and movement of its ears. Tubular protectors gently encircle the ears, and straps hold them in place, preventing the ears from hanging into the food. The self-adjusting nature of the plastic sheet ensures a snug fit around the ears, keeping them clean without causing the dog any discomfort.

Animal Ear Protector 2
Image Source : Google Patents

Practical Implications and Impact

Dog owners should wear this ear protector on their dogs before slipping their ears onto their meals. This invention reduces the need to clean their pets’ ears frequently and makes feeding sessions more hygienic.


The Animal Ear Protectors showcase human creativity. This device not only kept dogs’ ears clean but also demonstrated a unique approach to problem-solving. Next time you see a long-eared dog enjoying a mess-free meal, you might think of this odd invention from the pages of patent history.

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