How Learn the Basics of SEO

How Learn the Basics of SEO

For those interested in digital marketing or just starting their own website, mastering search engine optimization (SEO) can be a big undertaking. The key to learning effective SEO is mastering the basics and keeping up with updates in engines and algorithms.

Here are some of the things you can do to practice SEO basics. 

Set Up a Practice Platform

Having a platform to practice applying your knowledge is incredibly helpful. This can be a personal blog or hobby site to start. You want to create a real-world environment so you can try out different SEO concepts you learn without any major consequences. User-friendly tools, such as WordPress, can get you started easily.

Using a practice platform, you can practice common SEO strategies like keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and backlinks. Many resources, such as Ahrefs and SEMRush, can teach you about these concepts if you aren’t already familiar with them. 

Take Advantage of Free SEO Resources

There are many different SEO courses and SEO books that can help you learn more about effective strategies and deepen your knowledge. Concepts like keyword search volume and competition, meta titles and descriptions, mobile-friendliness, and link building can be difficult to learn, but the right courses can make it much easier. 

In particular, these courses are helpful for beginners, and some even offer certifications to give you more credibility. Some of the top free courses include:

  • SEO Course for Beginners by Ahrefs: This course covers SEO basics for over 2 hours and is taught by industry expert Sam Oh.
  • Google SEO Fundamentals by UC Davis on Coursera: This course is a 28-hour comprehensive course giving deeper insights into competitive analysis.
  • SEO Certification Course by HubSpot: This course focuses on practical aspects of SEO, such as improving site visibility and performance.
  • Make Sure Customers Find You Online by Google: This course is designed for businesses looking to boost their online presence using SEO strategies.

Each course offers unique content that can help you strengthen your SEO skills. 

Follow SEO Blogs, Forums, and Communities

Sometimes, learning from other experts is the best way to become an expert yourself. SEO blogs and forums often have members sharing their own experiences and ongoing education. Blogs like Moz, Search Engine Journal, and more share the latest trends and updates to learn about. These updates also help you update your skills, since the algorithms behind search engines are constantly changing. 

Being a part of an online community is also helpful. Reddit’s r/SEO or Digital Point Forum gives SEO learners a space to ask questions and get feedback from other SEO experts. 

Final Thoughts

Becoming an SEO expert doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process if you prepare properly. If you approach it with the right resources and structure, you can move past the basics and jump into a deeper understanding of these concepts. Remember to stay connected to the SEO community and use resources like courses and books to build a strong foundation in these strategies.

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