‘Age is just a number’ – 104-year-old woman breaks world record for oldest person to skydive

Dorothy Hoffner, 104, has made history. She recently skydived, becoming the oldest person to do so. This remarkable feat took place at the Skydive Chicago Airport in Ottawa.

Hoffner is no stranger to the skies. At 100 years old, she took her first skydiving jump. However, her latest dive was special. Unlike the first time, she led the jump. This assertive move sets her apart from the previous record holder, Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who skydived at 103. Hoffner’s achievement is under review for certification.

Born and raised in Chicago, Hoffner has spent her entire life in the Windy City. She labels herself an “unclaimed treasure,” having never married or had children. Hoffner credits her long life to her faith in God. While she describes her life as “dull,” her recent activities suggest otherwise.

Throughout her life, Hoffner has traveled to places such as England, Italy, and France. Closer to home, she shares a bond with Joe Conant. He’s like a “grandkid” to her. Their friendship began when Conant cared for one of Hoffner’s friends. Notably, Conant too participated in the recent skydiving event.

For those wondering about skydiving, Hoffner has only words of praise. She finds the experience peaceful and suggests others try it. However, when asked about her future endeavors, she remains uncertain.