“Ade + Ayo” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Ade + Ayo” got featured on Shark Tank USA in 2022 March. It was founded by Temidayo Adedokun.

Ade + Ayo’s net worth in 2022

Here is an update on Ade + Ayo’s net worth so far.

Ade + Ayo’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank1.75 Million USD
Ade + Ayo’s Current Net worth (2022) 2.1 Million USD

Ade + Ayo’s founder Temidayo Adedokun has a net worth of 2 Million USD as of 2022


Ade + Ayo is an apparel startup that appeared in Shark Tank season 13. What is the uniqueness of that business? Does it get a deal from a shark? We have to discuss a bunch of things. So, let’s continue going through what happened to Ade + Ayo after Shark Tank.

What is Ade + Ayo?

On Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15, Ade + Ayo appeared as a clothing brand. These African-inspired clothes are intended for children. This design reflects community and connection signifiers based on African culture. Ade & Ayo brings a piece of ancient culture to life through this product. Ade plus Ayo’s founder has come to Shark Tank and requested an investment of her company’s share.

Using these garments, this startup demonstrates the richness of African culture. Many people from Africa wear these clothes, and those who want to experience African culture can do so by wearing them. This startup could be an excellent resource for those who enjoy African culture.

Who is the owner of Ade + Ayo?

Temidayo Adedokun is the founder who established Ade & Ayo in 2020. Founder Temidayo founded this company in 2020 and is looking to expand quickly. That’s why she looked for Nigerian baby clothes when she was expecting. But, she never got a quality one for a considerable price. After that, Adedokun decided to use Nigerian culture as inspiration for his Baby Clothes and Nursery Furnishings line. Adedokun and Abisola created this company together.

Mom couldn’t find African-print clothing for her baby, so she made her own I GMA

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Abisola and Temidayo ask for $175,000 for 10% of their business when they apply to the Shark Tank. After a stunning performance, the couple describes the various prints as the Sharks look over their samples. They are soft, according to Lori. The clothing is entirely made of organic cotton. They should come in her size, says Barbara. Then they described numbers. $160,000 in direct-to-consumer sales in 11 months. $6 was the average cost and set $19 as retail.  

They wanted money for Inventory and implementation. They’ve lived off savings and believe in the company. Daymond questions the valuation, and they say they used potential. Sharks discuss value. Kevin hart’s clothes; he’s out.  

Kevin convinces Mark to leave. Lori doesn’t like how they’ll use the money; she’s out. Daymond says he’d insult them; he’s out. Barbara thinks the clothes will grow quickly. She offers $175,000 for 33.3% plus a $500,000 line of credit. Not that high. $200,000 for 30%. They accept Barbara’s $200,000 for 33.3%.

Ade + Ayo shark tank pitch

Ade + Ayo Shark Tank update

As a result of the low price levels of Ade plus Ayo’s products, the company is currently doing exceptionally well, receiving more than 100 orders daily. It’s aimed at a simple design, which is hard to come by nowadays.

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What happened to Ado + Ayo after Shark Tank?

Any startup that appears on the famous television program Shark Tank quickly becomes well-known. Following Shark Tank, many people purchased this startup’s product inspired by African culture. Although their sales have increased by 8x, they are still making money. Ado + Ayo’s net worth is around 2.1 Million USD

Competitors of Ade + Ayo

There is no international level or US-based competitive company for Ade + Ayo. Because they are unique for African-style baby clothes, there may be many similar brands in the African region.

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