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You’ll find several collections of computer keyboards from manufacturers on the market, many of which are Membrane Keyboard and Mechanical keyboard. When someone buys a new computer they fail to notice what kind of keyboard they are buying. As a typist and a gaming enthusiast, I tried lots of computer keyboards through time, all keyboards have several advantages as well as a downside. Nowadays not all the keyboards are exactly the same even if they look similar.

Firstly, you should understand what is a Mechanical Keyboard. The mechanical keyboard has switches that send the typing input to the CPU.  Every key has a separate switch. The switch has a foundation, a stem, and a spring. There are different kinds of switches and everyone work differently. A keycap is placed over the switch, keycaps are exchangeable which allows the consumers to modified keyboard looks with different color keycaps. For additional factual statements about mechanical keyboards and also membrane keyboards, remember to see Wikipedia.

The mechanical keyboard has some major benefits over the membrane keyboard.  Here we will give you five reasons to buy a mechanical keyboard and who should prefer mechanical keyboards over a regular one.

1. Longer Life Span

After using Mechanical Keyboards for 5 years, it almost gives the same feel as on the first day. by this you can assume the durability of Mechanical Keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards arrive with an extremely tough assembling and first-class technology. Mechanical Keyboards consist of things like dust-proof and spill-resistant that prevent the degradation of these keyboards. Most Mechanical Keyboards also contain strong materials such as ABS and aircraft-grade engineered aluminum. Along with this, Mechanical Keyboards possess a much longer life span.

The switches of the keyboard have been tested up to 70 million presses.  Whereas, Membrane Keyboards can last long up to 5 million key presses. Mechanical buttons perform not merely keep going more also can not have any clattering keys or keys getting trapped.

2. Anti-ghosting Feature

If you really do not know about anti-ghosting technology. Ghosting is the term used when the keyboard fails to operate certain operations when the combination of keys is pressed together. Such situations frequently occur once you type on the keyboard more rapidly. Anti-Ghosting prevents these errors and improves your typing with great accuracy. The anti-ghosting feature is one of the very best edges of mechanical keyboards that you can receive being as a gamer, software developer, or programmer.

3. Improved Typing

As we know Mechanical keyboards consist of switches. And there are a large variety of switches are available. The two switches have a lot of differences in terms of various characteristics like actuation point, pressing sound, and additional acoustic feedback. Some switches have detectable actuation points while some switches have not. In the same way, other characteristics are also distinguished. There are some switches that are revamped for typing and some switches are upgraded for a gaming laptop or gaming pc.

4. Customizable

By using some accessories with a small amount of money you can entirely change the look of the Mechanical Keyboard. You just need new keycaps of your preferable color and a keycap pulling tool. There are a lot of keycap kits available on e-commerce websites, for example as Corsair FPS/MOBA kit, ATTAV double-shot backlit keycap set, steampunk keycap set.

Also if you want to make your keyboard a little quieter while typing then you can use dampeners. These dampeners are just small rubber rings placed between the switch and keycap. Customization of keyboard changes from one individual to another. Even some companies of mechanical keyboards permit one to personalize your keyboard according to hand size, typing style.

5. Robustness

There are certain factors behind the high price of Mechanical Keyboards and the robustness of the keyboard is also one of them. These keyboards are heavier than the scissor keyboard and membrane keyboard. As Mechanical Keyboard do not have membrane so they don’t wear out as fast and feel like new even after using for years. If you are an aggressive typist, the keyboard remains stable and never slides around. The robust design provides plentiful typing stability.


If you are a heavy user or have a profession that depends on typing such as story writing, coding, articles, gaming, and on occasion maybe a quick typist, then a mechanical keyboard would be an exact excellent option for you personally. What would you love concerning mechanical keyboards, and also why?  Please don’t hesitate to leave an opinion.

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