Wireless CCTV Systems for Business


The safety of your business from crime should be your top priority as a business owner. The best way to do this is to invest in wireless CCTV systems for business. We offer wireless CCTV Malaysia. We will discuss more about this in this article. 

What is Wireless CCTV?

A wireless CCTV camera uses Wi-Fi or another wireless network to send live video footage. It is a go-to for improving your business security. This does not need a lot of wiring to set up unlike wired cameras.

How Does Wireless CCTV Work?

As mentioned above, wireless CCTV works using signals like wi-fi. It has to have a stable network and it sends both live and recorded videos to your gadgets. It also offers 24/7 footage that enables you to see the footage wherever you are.

Wireless vs. Wire-Free CCTV

A wireless CCTV connects directly to a power source. It is also capable of recording videos constantly. However, wire-free CCTV is battery-powered, which means its life is limited. And that you should provide a backup power source.  In choosing a camera for your business, wireless CCTV obviously has the upper hand.

Types of Wireless CCTV Cameras for Your Business

WiFi Camera

A wi-fi camera is easy to install anywhere you like since it is wireless and does not need a video cable to run. It can run 24/7 and use the cloud-storage to enable you in accessing the video of your business place. It has an HD camera that lets you see the tiniest angle even from afar. It has amazing features like night vision, live view, cloud storage, and a motion alert system. 

It is one of the best choices that you should consider when selecting CCTV for your business.

Wireless Thermal Camera

Through the advancement of technology and the help of AI, cameras now have more features. Since covid is still prevalent, it is best to have a thermal camera for your business. It assists in maintaining health protocols by taking everyone’s temperature entering the building. Aside from external hazards, wireless thermal cameras can protect us from physical health hazards. 

Wireless PTZ Camera

A wireless PTZ is a camera that can move from 180 degrees to 360 degrees. It’s a popular camera that can transmit footage over long distances. It can also provide a better camera angle in tight spaces than wired cameras. This is best for live viewing in business to see if the employees are doing their work religiously.

Wireless Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras can record properly even in pitch-black situations. This is also a good choice in selecting your business CCTV in case of a breach. In case of a power outage, it also has an infrared cut filter to record clearly during the day.

Wireless CCTV Features for Your Business

Investing in a wireless camera spares you the hassle of connecting a lot of wires. And in some cases, entangled wire causes fire hazards in business establishments. The next step is to decide which specific features you want for your business.


Having advanced smart wireless CCTV lessens your worry about your business security. It has the capacity to distinguish between the movements of objects or people. It can tell whether movements are normal or indicative of an intruder.

Cloud Storage

The majority of wireless security cameras can now record directly to cloud storage. This implies that you can watch videos anywhere and at any time. But, you might also want to consider the capacity of its storage. 

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio is a particularly useful feature, especially in times of emergency. It will be easy to notify everyone inside your business building about the situation. It allows you to communicate faster with your employees and staff when untoward incidents happen. 


When you have a specific app installed, you can watch and review footage on your smartphone. It saves you time and energy going into the business place just to check how everyone is doing.  


Some wireless cameras have light motion-activated. So, it lights up whenever it detected movements around its range. This is beneficial in times of power outages and a good way to scare burglars away.

Video Specifications

It would be pointless to have a CCTV system with a low resolution if the images it produces were blurry. With higher video resolution it is easy to identify people and even the smallest detail. 

Where to Position the CCTV Camera


When using wireless CCTV cameras, you have to make sure that it is close to the router. You do not want to let a minute slip by just because of the weak wi-fi connections.  

Point of Entrance and Exits

All entrances and exits should have CCTV cameras installed. This will give you a full view of who goes in and out of the business premises.


The reception area is one of the busiest parts of a business floor. This is where intruders try to enter by mixing themselves with the employees. By installing CCTV cameras, you can identify who is acting strange or unrecognized visitors.

Points of Contact with Customers

CCTV cameras should be installed in places where customers interact. In banks where money is involved, it is crucial to capture everything. Cameras should not be mounted too high to capture people’s faces clearly rather than the top of their heads.


There are a lot of inventories kept in the warehouse making it one of the targets of burglars. CCTV cameras should be positioned in high and clear areas making it easy to spot any breach.

Parking Lot

Robbery and vandalism are common in the parking lot. Taking care of your client’s vehicle by installing CCTV can boost your business’ safety, thus boosting your business revenue. Nobody would dare enter a business premises where they do not feel safe. 

Advantages of Using Wireless CCTV

1. Compared to wired security cameras, wireless ones are less meddlesome. It is also easier to install and flexible since you no longer need to worry about outlets.

2. Having wireless CCTV means that thieves cannot cut the power. You can have the access to all your cameras with no hassle and catch them red-handed.

3. Wireless CCTV has lesser maintenance than wired ones so it means you do not need to spend much money.

4. A high-quality wireless CCTV will make you less of an easy target for theft and help to deter criminals.

5. Enables you to determine what pleases or angers a customer or client.


Protecting your business has been easier than ever, with the use of wireless CCTV. Your search for the best wireless CCTV camera for your business starts with us. Your security is our top priority. For more information, you can visit us at 

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