Is MrBeast's era over | Why MrBeast's so-called "biggest video ever" not get 100 million views even after 6days?

MrBeast, as everyone knows, was the beast on YouTube. If you are asking why, you are saying “was”? Yeah, that is the problem also I have. 

A few days ago MrBeast tweeted he is going to release his biggest video ever. And as he says it was released. But guess what? His so called Biggest video ever didn’t get 100 million views even after 6 days?

If you are going to say, “Why is that a big deal? It’s just 6 days.” yeah, it is freaking 6 days, and even MrBeast asked himself to make a “MrBeastOlympics” trending on Twitter “Just for fun”. 

So, Is this a just coincidence or … no, this is not a coincidence. Why? MrBeast himself tweeted yesterday, “Most of the video’s views come after the first week. “Yes, even he noticed that his video was not as successful as he thought. 

So what happened to MrBeast? Is it just his so-called “biggest video ever” failed, or MrBeast’s entire is era over?

The Hype

When we talked about hype, Leading up to the release of his latest video, MrBeast took to Twitter to make a bold claim. He hinted that this is his “biggest video ever.” Given his track record, this was no small statement. Fans eagerly awaited the drop, expecting another viral sensation. But did fans get what they expected?

However, MrBeast even published a teaser of the video on Twitter.

The Reality

However, the numbers told a slightly different story. While 96 million views within a week is a feat most YouTubers can only dream of, for MrBeast, it fell short of the usual 100 million benchmark. According to MrBeast Twitter, after 1day video had 59.4 million views.

But guess what? Even after 6 days, that so-called “biggest video ever” has only 96 million views only. How can this happen? And has he actually failed in this video?

Possible Reasons

There can be many reasons for not getting views on YouTube videos.

Sometimes, even a great video can seem underwhelming when expectations are set too high. The anticipation could have overshadowed the content itself. MrBeast marketed this video so badly on Twitter. Before its release, He tweeted 3 short videos about the “Every Country On Earth Fights For $250,000!”.

YouTube’s algorithm is notorious for its unpredictability. Even slight changes can affect how videos are recommended and viewed. Even this can happen for the person we are talking about, someone with 179 million subscribers.

With more creators producing high-quality content than ever before, competition for viewers’ attention is fierce. It’s possible that other trending videos or events diverted some potential viewers. But again, MrBeast doesn’t have a competitor but himself. 

There is another reason out there for videos not getting expected views. MrBeast’s audience is vast and diverse. It’s possible that this video didn’t resonate as strongly with certain segments of his fanbase. But when considering his similar content to this, like the Squide game video, it got views and was actually hyped.

But if you check all the videos on the MrBeast YouTube channel, you can see some patterns in the view count. As you can see, every time MrBeast recreated a video, it had fewer views than 1st one when considering time. 

Is MrBeast’s Era Really Over?

It’s crucial to put things in perspective. While this video might not have hit the 100 million mark within a week, 96 million is still astronomical. Many creators would consider this a massive success. But many are not our topic. It is all about MrBeast. Obviously, he is the next owner of Twitter. So, what happened to his “biggest video ever” is still a huge problem.

Furthermore, one video’s performance doesn’t define a creator’s entire career. MrBeast has consistently proven his ability to innovate and adapt. He’ll likely take this as a learning experience and come back with even more engaging content. Let’s sit back and see what will happen next.

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