Meet The Future Of AI. It’s Not ChatGPT or Bard Ai

Meet The Future Of AI. It’s Not ChatGPT or Bard Ai

The “Futures in Focus” podcast recently brought together 120 experts who shared their thoughts on everything from tech innovations to climate change. These discussions are soon to be part of an upcoming book titled “Envisage.” For many, the thought of analyzing such a wealth of content might seem overwhelming. In the past, it would have meant countless hours of manual work or setting up complex databases.

Hannah Ward’s AI Feat

But for Hannah Ward, a second-year student at Texas A&M, this was an opportunity. Using ChatGPT, she sifted through all 120 transcripts in just under 30 hours. The result? She identified 30 unique patterns, drawing connections between various themes.

So, what can we learn from Hannah’s AI journey?

Key Takeaways from the Hannah’s AI journey

  • Old Data, New Insights: AI isn’t just about new data. It can help us look back at what we already have and find fresh perspectives.
  • Stay Curious: With AI being more accessible, it’s easier to experiment and ask “what if?”
  • The Youth Factor: Young minds like Hannah’s, unshackled by old ways of thinking, can truly harness what AI offers. Their mix of curiosity and tech-savviness is a game-changer.
  • Rethinking Business: For businesses, AI is a chance to rethink how they operate and use data. It’s not just a tool; it’s a strategy.

AI’s Transformative Potential

The message is clear. AI tools, now at our fingertips, are more than just fancy tech. They can change how we see the world. And when you pair AI with young, bright minds, the possibilities seem endless. It’s a call to action for organizations: embrace AI, not just as a tool, but as a partner in innovation.

In wrapping up, while tools like ChatGPT have made waves, the real future of AI lies in how we use it. And if Hannah’s work is any indication, that future is in good hands, especially when tackling big issues like climate change

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