Google Maps Introduces Emojis for Saved Locations: Find Your Favorite Spots Faster with Fun Update

Google Maps Introduces Emojis for Saved Locations

Google Maps has rolled out a fresh feature, letting users use emojis to mark their top spots or even the ones they’re not so fond of. This change is all about helping users quickly find their favorite hangouts, be it a diner or a pub.

This news first popped up on X, which many might remember as Twitter. Digging into the details, you’ll find this emoji feature in the “Saved Places” section of your Google Maps app. Every list in this section will show a specific emoji. But if you’re someone who likes to mix things up, you can create different lists, each with its own emoji, making it easier to tell them apart.

Before this update, every saved spot had the same icon, which was a bit of a puzzle for many. But with this new feature, Google Maps aims to clear up any confusion.

If you’re keen to try this out, keep an eye on your app updates. Google suggests downloading the latest update once it’s up for grabs. And if you’re wondering how to get started with these emojis, Google’s got you covered. They’ve shared a how-to video on X (Twitter) to walk users through the process.

Wrapping up, this update is another step by Google to make our digital experiences smoother. With emojis now in the mix, finding your favorite spots on the map just got a tad more fun. As always, it’s a good idea to keep your apps updated to enjoy the latest features.

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Written by MSM Riham

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