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AC Transit bus cameras will use AI to ticket drivers blocking routes 

AC Transit bus cameras will use AI to ticket drivers blocking routes 

In a bid to streamline its operations, AC Transit has turned to artificial intelligence. The agency is now using AI to spot those drivers who think it’s okay to park in bus-only lanes, bus stops, and transit centers.

A Step Towards Safer and Timely Commutes

By integrating AI into their existing bus-mounted cameras, AC Transit hopes to make rides safer for everyone. Robert Lyles, speaking for AC Transit, put it simply:

“We’re looking out for our riders, especially the elderly and those with disabilities.”

And it’s not just about safety. By tackling the issue of illegally parked vehicles head-on, the agency is optimistic about buses running more on time.

Trying Out AI Technology

For now, only a few AC Transit buses are equipped with these AI-powered cameras. Crafted by Hayden AI, these cameras sit snugly inside bus windshields, keeping a watchful eye on the road. If they spot a violation? They quickly whip up an “evidence package” and send it straight to the police.

What’s Next for Violators?

AC Transit plans to share more about their deployment plans after this test phase. But here’s a heads-up for drivers: for the first two months, you’ll get off with just a warning.

Thanks to Assembly Bill 917, passed last year, transit agencies across California can now use cameras on their vehicles to catch parking violators. This was a step up from earlier laws like SB 1051. The old cameras? They weren’t that great. Bus drivers had to step in, and the images weren’t clear, leading to a paltry 4% citation rate. But these new AI cameras? They’re spotting violations with a whopping 99% accuracy. However, they won’t catch you speeding – they’re not designed for moving violations.

A picture from one of Hayden AI's AI cameras on an AC Transit bus as it moved through downtown Oakland
A picture from one of Hayden AI’s AI cameras on an AC Transit bus as it moved through downtown Oakland. Courtesy of Hayden AI

AC Transit Uses Tech Like Other Cities to Reduce Delays

AC Transit is joining the ranks of other forward-thinking transit agencies. San Francisco’s Muni buses have been using similar tech since 2014, and it’s paid off with a 20% drop in transit delays. Over in New York City, the MTA started ticketing bus lane violators in 2019. And AC Transit? They got the green light for front-facing cameras in 2017.

In wrapping up, as our cities grow and change, it’s clear that technology, like these AI cameras, will be at the forefront of ensuring our roads are safe, efficient, and rule-abiding.

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Written by MSM Riham

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