10 Wall Art Ideas to Liven Up Your Room

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You’ve been staring at that blank space on your wall for hours and you can’t seem to decide on what would fit to complete the room. Do you fill the space with a brilliant painting or a memorable photo? A beautiful tapestry or an expressive piece of wall art? The possibilities can be overwhelming and you might just find yourself more frustrated than when you started.

In this article, you will discover 10 wall art ideas to liven up that space in your living room.

Original Wall Decor

You could give the room more of a statement with some wall art that expresses something a bit about you. A poem, an inspirational quote, a mantra, or even a motto can add a personalized touch to any room. You can choose either natural materials or something more rustic like metal, like a modern farmhouse wall decor.

Geometric Painting

A painting will give the room a sense of elegance and sophistication. Even something as simple as colorful geometric shapes is something you can create yourself. Just take a pencil to outline your work and choose a variety of complementing and contrasting colors to design it the way you like.

DIY Iridescent Mirror

Mirrors will never be out of place in your living room. If a simple mirror feels too uninspired for your taste, you can give it a splash of color. It makes an art piece out of a plain decorative piece that you never had thought to consider.

Wall Weaving Hack

A woven piece of art can make a blank wall instantly become interesting. The texture and colors can match your furniture or you can choose bright and bold colors to add some flair to a room that may seem too dull, or even boring. You can choose small pieces that can act as an accent or a huge piece as the main decor for your wall.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

While yarn might seem like something too outdated to put on a wall, there are a lot of creative ways to use this material to add a classy feel to any room. An example would be macramé—knots artfully crafted and can be done by yourself in the comforts of your home. You can either join classes or just watch videos and make your own yarn wall hanging. Make yourself proud by designing something you made.

DIY Picture Gallery Frame

As a mom, it is such a joy to see photos of your family and loved ones. So why not turn it into something that decorates your wall? You can either buy standard frames or you can make your very own picture gallery frame. This is the perfect wall decor to remind you of the people that care about you.

Frame Accent Wall

Who says you can’t have anything abstract on your wall? You can repurpose old picture frames into decorative wall pieces that subtly accents a previously boring wall. This may sound too simple but this wall decor is actually adding texture—an element most designers forget.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

The recent boom in succulent gardening has sent moms on a craze to get their new plant babies. But what if you could do something more creative with these adorable plants? You can start a vertical garden with either air plants or your common succulent and make “art is life” into “life is art”.

Wood Burned Travel Map

Remind yourself of the joys of traveling by putting an artistic version of a map on your wall. To make things even more stylish, you can opt for a natural look by having a wood burned map. You can even slowly color the spaces on the map to mark a destination you and your family have traveled to. This can also be a fun family activity that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Printable Stendig Calendar

As a mom, your days can be hectic and you can often find yourself frantically checking your calendar to see what you have planned for the day. Now, you can artfully merge a reminder and art by having a huge printed Stendig calendar on your wall. This wall decor is perfect for your home office or for a corner in your room where you have work-related stuff. You can decide what material to use for your calendar—have it glossy or matte, something where you can pin those sticky notes that seem to go missing when you need them.