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Why hasn’t Apple invented this yet? |The Game-Changing Solution Apple Should Consider

Apple is known for creating cool and clever gadgets, but there’s one thing about their Magic Mouse that has people scratching their heads. You see, when the battery in the mouse dies, you have to flip it over and plug in a cable to charge it. It’s a big hassle and makes the mouse useless until it’s fully charged again. So, why hasn’t Apple fixed this problem?

Well, luckily, a smart person on YouTube came up with a solution. They made a smaller charging cable that looks much better than the bulky one Apple uses. They also added some little metal balls to make the mouse move better, like the old computer mice we used to have.

They used a special printer to make a bracket that holds the new cable and metal balls. After putting all the pieces together, they ended up with a final product that fits perfectly on the mouse. The metal balls made the mouse move smoothly, and the laser still worked great.

It’s a simple and clever idea that makes you wonder why Apple didn’t think of it. Apple is usually really good at making things better and easier to use.

Until Apple catches up, this homemade solution could help people who are frustrated with the Magic Mouse. It shows that anyone can come up with cool ideas to fix problems, even if big companies haven’t figured it out yet.

So, in conclusion, the Magic Mouse has a problem with its charging, but thanks to a creative person on YouTube, there’s a way to make it better. Let’s hope Apple takes notice and finds a way to make the Magic Mouse charge wirelessly, just like their other cool gadgets.

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Written by MSM Riham


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