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What’s something we all Pretend no one does, but in truth, we know we all do it?

What's something we all Pretend no one does, but in truth, we know we all do it

Most people in the world want to be normal in front of society. Because of that we always hide something from others but do it secretly. Recently a Redditor asked, “What’s something we all just pretend no one does, but in truth we know we all do it?”. It’s that intriguing moment when curiosity strikes, and we delve into the hidden aspects of human behavior. Let’s explore some of the most relatable yet concealed actions that bring us all together.

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The Post-Pick Moment 

Remember that awkward glance after picking your nose? Sometimes it’s not just about the act itself, but the aftermath that unites us in shared embarrassment.

Panic Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

Ever rushed to tidy up before friends come over, only to apologize for the “mess” that’s hardly there? We all play this charade, masking our homes to present an image of perfection.

Profanity of Kids and Adults 

Kids hide their colorful language from adults, and adults watch their words around kids. This mutual understanding upholds the illusion of innocence on both sides.

Read-and-Delay Texts 

How many times have you read a message from the notification bar and pretended you didn’t? We’re all guilty of this small act of delay, preserving the appearance of a thoughtful reply.

The Private Space of Teens  

Addressing the elephant in the room – teenagers’ need for privacy. We’ve all been there, trying to respect their space while acknowledging their not-so-secret activities.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all explored this universal habit, often discreetly. It’s a reminder that even in our quirks, we share common ground.

Mental Dress Rehearsals

We’ve all rehearsed conversations in our minds before important events, almost like scripting our lives. These mental rehearsals reflect our innate desire to be prepared.

Victorious Imaginary Arguments 

We craft winning arguments in our heads, replaying confrontations that may never happen. It’s a way of asserting control over situations, even if it’s just in our minds.

Intrusive Thoughts 

Those random thoughts that make us question our sanity – they’re more common than we admit. They’re part of our shared human experience, stirring curiosity about our minds’ inner workings.

Forbidden Fantasies 

Everyone has daydreamed about things they shouldn’t – it’s human nature. These fleeting thoughts don’t define us but remind us of our complexity.


In the end, the thread on Reddit has revealed a fascinating truth – there are countless behaviors we share, even if we rarely discuss them openly. From sneaking a peek at a text message to engaging in imaginary debates, we’re united by the quirks that make us human. Embracing these shared experiences not only alleviates isolation but also reminds us that we’re all in this together. So, go ahead and share your thoughts on these universal actions – after all, it’s these common threads that weave the intricate fabric of our lives.

Feel free to comment below with your insights and experiences!

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