In 2024 or 2025, Apple is looking to wow us again. This time, with the Apple Watch X, marking its 10th wearable anniversary. Mark Gurman, a trusted tech expert, gave us a sneak peek in his latest newsletter.

Magnetic Bands: Smart and Sleek

Gurman mentioned a new feature: magnetic bands. It’s not just a style move. It’s about being smart, user-friendly, and looking cool. But a big question pops up: Will our old bands fit this new style? We’re all waiting to see.

What’s Special about the Apple Watch X?

The magnetic band is getting a lot of buzz. But Apple has more to show. Some insiders say:

  • There’s a plan for a bigger, better battery.
  • We might see a sharper, brighter microLED screen.
  • Checking blood pressure could be its new health trick.
  • And that magnetic band? It might give the watch more room on the inside.

There’s also talk about the Apple Watch Series 9. Word is it will have new sizes (like 41mm and 45mm), faster speeds, and new colors. Some even say it might come out with the iPhone 15 on September 12.

Change in Launch Plans?

With these big updates, Apple might change how it launches watches. Could they move away from yearly releases? We’re all ears. And with Apple’s new M3 tech getting ready for Macs, it’s clear they’re not slowing down.

Apple’s 10-year watch journey is hitting a big milestone with the Apple Watch X. Everyone’s excited and curious. One thing’s for sure: Apple’s always looking to break new ground in tech.

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