What’s a Stupid Fact That You Know Is Actually Correct?

What's a Stupid Fact That You Know Is Actually Correct

Have you ever wondered about a random fact that seems silly but is actually true? A Redditor recently asked this question, making others share their ideas. This thread on Ask Reddit reveals Redditor ideas on ” What’s a Stupid Fact That You Know That Is Actually Correct? “. Let’s find out the most-voted answer from our AnswerReddit segment. 

“For every single human being on Earth, there are 2.5 MILLION ants.”

Have you ever considered the number of ants compared to humans? There are 2.5 million ants for every person on Earth. These small insects are incredibly productive and greatly outnumber us.

“The Vikings using carbon (animal bones) to make steel stronger”

During a time when seafaring warriors were common, the Vikings showed their cleverness by reinforcing steel with animal bones. They used the carbon from animal bones to make their weapons and tools stronger. This shows the Vikings’ ability to create advanced materials.

“The original name for the color orange was “geoluhread,” which means “yellow-red” in Old English”

In the past, people used a different name for the color orange. They called it “geoluhread” in Old English which meant “yellow-red.” This shows how language has changed over time and how we use words to describe things.

“Male rhesus macaques will pay to see pictures of female monkey butts. Payment is in the form of trading their juice rewards.”

Male rhesus macaques, a species of monkey have an interesting behavior. They are trade juice rewards to see pictures of female monkeys behind. 

“There are 5.87 Popes per square mile in the Vatican City.”

The world’s smallest independent state is Vatican City. An interesting fact about this place is that there are 5.87 Popes per square mile when considering all the pops ever had been.

“John Young brought a corned beef sandwich Gemini III Mission

Astronaut John Young once brought a corned beef sandwich on the Gemini III mission, adding a bit of humor to the serious environment of space exploration.

“Bananas are berries”

Believe it or not, bananas qualify as berries. The botanical classification is very unexpected. Nature is really varied like plants that are put into groups we didn’t expect.

“There are more planes in the ocean than boats in the sky”

Did you know that there are more planes at the bottom of the ocean than boats in the sky? This interesting fact sheds light on the difficulties and enigmas of both maritime and aviation history. 

“Of the few people who have top secret clearance at the White House, one of them is the person who writes all of the party invitations.”

Even in the highest levels of security clearance at the White House, there is a person who creates party invitations. 


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