What is The Big Deal about a Smart Doorbell?

What if a doorbell could serve as more than just a simple visitor notification device? Imagine if it could contribute to someone’s house or company’s safety and security.

The Smart Video Doorbell is designed to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind. It allows you to view who is at your door or coming toward you as well as any packages that have been left or taken away.

This article will examine the technical aspects of smart video doorbells and describe how they can assist consumers and their property to stay secure. On a side note, with Christmas approaching, you can expect to see Google Nest doorbell for sale, and it is the perfect opportunity to start your smart home journey.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly a Smart Video Doorbell is.

What exactly is a Smart Video Doorbell?

With the help of your smartphone and a smart video doorbell, you can see, hear, and communicate with people at your door from anywhere.

They are perfect for busy homeowners who wish to maintain contact with their residences while traveling or for people who desire an additional measure of security in their daily life.

The majority of video doorbells have high-definition cameras and two-way audio, allowing users to see and speak to guests before allowing them inside. On the other hand, smart video doorbells also have the capacity to deliver notifications, capture video, and detect motion.

A few more recent versions are even starting to provide Face Recognition technology. More advanced models have additional detection features like person, pet, and package detection. Naturally, this raises the level of convenience and security for any Smart Video Doorbell device.

Let’s look at how these various features might meet your needs for a smart video doorbell.

What Features do Smart Video Doorbells Offer?

Most people are familiar with the standard video doorbell, which lets you view who is at your door from inside your home.

A newer generation of smart video doorbells, however, offers more capabilities and advantages, making them perfect for spotting friends, strangers, and parcels, thwarting robbers, and protecting your clients’ houses.

Smart Video Doorbells are increasingly becoming a must-have home security gadget due to their enhanced detecting capabilities.

Let’s look at some of the best features of a smart doorbell.

Basic Features of Smart Video Doorbells

Smart video doorbells usually include the following video storage options.

Cloud storage: This is a common feature of smart video doorbells, allowing owners to examine the video of visitors at their entrances. Typically, a cloud subscription is needed for this.

Local storage: A microSD card slot is available on some smart doorbells, allowing customers to store video locally on their Smart Video Doorbell device.

Almost all smart video doorbells also feature motion detection. When someone is approaching the front door, a smart video doorbell can detect it. It has the ability to inform the user and begin recording fully automatically.

This is great if you want to always be aware of visitors at your door.

The use of motion detection technologies in conjunction with heat detection and human shape detection can help users receive fewer false alarms.

But the story doesn’t just end there. Some smart video doorbells are able to do tasks that go beyond these customary smart characteristics.

Let’s look at the more advanced features of a smart video doorbell.

Advanced Features of Smart Video Doorbells

Advanced Smart Video Doorbell versions frequently employ cameras with highly advanced functions. Although having a better camera is a plus, it is also crucial because it improves the efficiency of the artificial intelligence algorithms that your smart video doorbell depends on.

Here are a few of the most important camera features:

HD video: For crisp, detailed footage, smart video doorbells occasionally come with HD cameras.

Wide-angle lenses: For a larger field of view, certain smart video doorbells are equipped with wide-angle lenses.

Zoom: Users can enlarge the video to get a closer look without significantly reducing its clarity.

The ability to see who is at or approaching their door at night is one of the smart video doorbell’s most significant advantages.

Advanced Smart Video Doorbells provide additional features in addition to motion detection. They go a step further and incorporate person, package, and animal detection.

The Future of Smart Video Doorbells – What Can We Expect?

The detection and recognition capabilities of powerful AI will be soon incorporated into smart video doorbell systems. While Face Recognition is now only available on a small number of Smart Video solutions, more businesses will soon start integrating it into their smart doorbells.

If the person at the front door had opted in and saved an image of their face in the system, Face Recognition would allow a smart video doorbell to identify them.

This would result in an alert informing the user that a stranger has been detected at their front door if they haven’t opted in and aren’t in the system. This security feature is known as “Stranger Detection”.

Smart Video Doorbells could potentially learn users’ routine behaviors and adapt to them in the future thanks to AI progress. This can entail automatically locking doors after business hours or setting an alert for a particular time.

Anomaly detection will be a future Smart Video Doorbell feature. A Smart Video Doorbell would be able to alert users of any unusual behavior around a residence using anomaly detection. Anomaly detection, for instance, can alert a user when the kids don’t arrive home from school at the normal hour that something might not be right.

Final Thoughts

Smart video doorbells have so far proven a fantastic improvement to home security. However, it is obvious that these devices will only get better over time given the continued development of computer vision AI.