What are trending biometric scaners today

It is not surprising to see the prevalence of biometric scanners as they offer reliable ways to secure data. Companies can use them to grant authorised access to selected employees and to safeguard sensitive information. The use of iris scanners and fingerprint readers has become a common practice in our daily lives, especially with the increasing protection of phones and tablets. What are the most popular biometric scanners used today?

BioIRIS for iris recognition

BioID Technologies is a well-known company that has been a part of the biometric scanner industry since 1998. They are known for producing top-quality biometric scanners such as BioIRIS, which is a compact binocular that offers rapid and reliable iris identification. Thanks to its superior iris image capture and advanced algorithms, the BioIRIS maximizes true identification rates. Additionally, it is ISO standards compliant, which ensures users top-notch reliability. See here to compare the scanner with other devices. 

IriTech IriShield

There is a device that uses iris recognition technology which is worth mentioning, it is called the IriShield USB BK 2121U. This camera captures dual iris images and is powered through a USB port. It can be used with PCs and laptops that have different operating systems. The scanner has a binocular-like shape and requires a fixed distance to capture the iris images. It can be safely used outdoors to provide automated access to a building, as it has a sealed case and uses infrared LED illumination.

Aratek fingerprint reader 

Companies requiring compact fingerprint readers will appreciate the device provided by Aratek. Aratek’s device is handheld and can capture mobile fingerprints and faces. It features an optical fingerprint reader to scan single fingers, a front camera of 2MP, and a rear 8MP camera capable of capturing face images or barcodes. It is challenging to find a device as versatile as this on the market. With wireless communication support, GPS navigation, and a dustproof and waterproof casing, this device is a clear choice.

Cross Match Guardian fingerprint reader 

The Cross Match Guardian is just perfect when it comes to capturing the 10 fingers of a company or institution. According to the FBI, it is the perfect device for civil ID flats as well as full criminal applications. The image of the device meets the requirements of the FBI’s IAFIS Appendix F specification.  Considering its high-speed USB 2.0 or FireWire interfaces, it should be the first choice of all institutions wishing to capture rolled or flat fingerprints.

See other biometric fngerprint scanners examples to choose the one tailored to your needs. 

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