Tactics to SEO optimize your Google shopping titles

Your shopping title helps in identifying the product that you are selling. Therefore, this is the most crucial part of your ads. The more accurate your titles are, the more will be the chance of your products to get clicked by the shoppers. Google uses these product titles for determining whether your listing is relevant to a particular search query or not. You need to modify your product titles so that they match with the search query of the customers. Let us see how to SEO optimize the google shopping titles:

Follow the requirements of Google:

Google comes with strict rules when it comes to the use of exclamations and capitals marks. If you are adding too much exclamation and capital marks to your product title, your products may not get approved by Google.

For avoiding disapproval, you will need to follow the shopping regulations of Google correctly. You may opt for SEO New York to understand the requirement of the product titles.

Choose a correct structure:

A title’s structure is equally important as the information incorporated in it as they both are complementing elements.

You need to understand the algorithms of Google for figuring out the attributes. Mostly Google considers the product title’s beginning as most important. Therefore, you need to choose the correct order. Some of the popular title structures that you can put to use are as follows:

  • Brand + type of product + color + material
  • Material + type of product + color + brand
  • Type of product + size + color + feature + brand
  • Style + color + type of product + brand

Make use of your search query performance:

For taking a glance at the top-performing queries, you may make use of the Google Ads search terms report. And also, this way, you will be able to understand what ended up with landing all your conversions.

For gaining further insights, Google Trends and organic results (search console) can prove to be helpful.

Insert keywords to the title of your products:

Your feed is digested by Google, and it also selects the keywords or queries for which your shopping ads are most relevant.

You need to optimize the product titles by inserting the most significant keywords at your title’s forefront.

Position the important information first:

Google tries to show the most of your product title, but often it makes your title shortened. So, try to incorporate the most valuable and compelling information right at your product title’s beginning.

Incorporate the modifiers:

Make sure to include modifiers like size, color, specifics, and material. Most of the shoppers make use of such words for refining their searches. Thus, it is best to stay detailed and specific as much as you can.

This particular approach will improve your opportunities of being displayed for the most relevant searches. And this will eventually enhance your rate of conversion.

Follow the best practices:

Everything depends on the product that you are selling. And according to this, you need to make adjustments in your attribute tactics. Think and try to understand how your target audience would search. Then you will need to decide that what kind of features are relevant enough so that you can add them.

Incorporate brand and category to your product title:

Brand loyalty matters, and it is one of the most significant parts of why people purchase products. Several shoppers are there who look for particular brand categories or products.

So, if your brand is popular among your target audience, you may incorporate it in your ads.

Make ongoing improvements and tests:

If you want to maximize your CTR (Click Through Rate), you need to perfectly optimize your product title. Apart from this, a well-optimized title of a product also enhances conversion. However, there is nothing as a ‘perfect way for creating product titles.

You need to understand that different customers undertake different ways of searching. After all, they are all on a distinct stage of the path of purchasing. So, the best is to optimize your product titles as per the performance and statistics.


If you are not focusing on optimizing your product titles, you are probably wasting precious ad budget, and you are missing uncountable opportunities for converting shoppers. It can be a daunting task to optimize thousands of products in the feed. But you can optimize it bit by bit and watch your advertisements to become highly effective. Start with your top ten best-selling products.