What is a custom Web application?

Responsive Web Design Impacts Your Digital Marketing Efforts
Responsive Web Design Impacts Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The web is the best and most effective channel for promoting and selling products. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to manage business processes within a company. Many businesses have already recognized the role of web technologies in accelerating business growth and profit growth. Therefore, they actively use the latest advances in web development.If you have a great business idea and want to create a software product, trained business analysts will study it thoroughly. And experienced web developers will make it a reality, creating a great full-featured custom web application for you. Modern custom web application development helps to solve  a lot of tasks for users up to their expectations.

Why custom web apps are getting popular?

Many companies today are looking to migrate from conventional to web applications. Because they see their rapid development. This attracts additional investment and technology development. Next, we will try to figure out why this is happening.

Easy and affordable installation of the web application. Thus, many organizations and enterprises can expect to reduce the costs associated with maintaining entire IT departments. They provide software installation and maintenance. In favor of web applications, we can say that it needs a computer and a network connection to work.

Types Of Custom Web Applications To Consider

Let’s consider the main types of sites in terms of a number of formal characteristics, primarily in terms of content and capabilities in the process of custom web application development.

Static sites are sites consisting of web pages written entirely in html and stored on the server in the form in which the webmaster created them. Such pages can contain client-side scripts, graphics, and embeddable interactive elements. But they do not affect the content of the page until they are loaded into the browser. In this case, the page on the server will not change in any way and will be displayed the same for all users.

Information sites and web applications. The category of information sites includes those that provide users with access to all sorts of information: text, graphic, multimedia. Most of the

existing sites belong to this type and therefore further classification within the group is appropriate. It’s for example, by the nature of the content. These are information-thematic sites, news, entertainment, catalogs and reference books, online encyclopedias and dictionaries, aggregators, etc.

Web applications, often referred to as web services, are server-side programs that perform specific tasks. Web applications can be self-contained. Or they can perform specific functions in the form of components of an information site. They endow it with interactivity and / or expanding its capabilities.

The portal is a multifunctional site that is a “gateway” to various information and online services. Portal-type sites are difficult to develop and maintain, but they cover the maximum number of users. All popular search engines are sites of this type.

The category of specialized sites includes websites that are focused on a specific topic, functionality and/or target audience. Let’s take a look at some of the types of sites to get more info that falls into this category:

To sum up

It is difficult to categorize a modern, professionally designed website fully. There are constant changes in the process of development. One of the main reasons for this is the use of ready-made content management systems by web developers. Classification of tasks and determination of the main type of the future site allows you to choose the most suitable CMS. It helps to find  a set of modules for it. or you can make a decision to develop a site from scratch.