TV shows with immortal characters

It is not easy to be an immortal character in your lifetime. Nowadays, many tv shows are created by highlighting a special character. It helps to attract the audience. It is unique and different from others. Therefore, TV shows with immortal characters are getting viral among the viewers. The series is circulating one special superhero character. That character consists of different types of qualities. This article will focus on some popular tv shows with immortal characters.

1. Forever

Forever Tv show

Forever is an American fantasy crime drama television series. Also, it is a kind of medical drama. Matt Miller is the narrator of Forever. It aired on the ABC channel in the year 2014. This series centered around Dr. Henry Morgan. He is an immortal New York City medical examiner. Henry Morgan uses his experience and extensive knowledge to assist the New York City Police Department. Henry is an expert in solving crimes and discovering murders. 

Each episode reveals various details of Henry’s life. There is only one season. Forever consists of 22 episodes. Voters in several polls ranked the series as one of the best of the television season.  

2. The Protector

The Protector Tv show

The Protector is a Turkish drama fantasy series. Binnur Karaevli is the creator. Umut Aral is the director of it. Hakan Demir is the immortal character of this series. He is an Istanbul shopkeeper. After his father’s death, he identified himself. Hakan Demir discovers that he is connected to an ancient secret order. Hakan understood his duty. He knows that he is the protector of the city. Hakan with the duty to kill the immortal. He prevents the destruction of the city. Netflix is the main distributor of this series.

The first season consists of 10 episodes. It was available for live streaming on 26th April 2019. The series consists of four seasons and 32 episodes. The fourth and the last season was released on 9th July 2020. 

3. New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam Tv show

It is an American medical drama series. David Schulner is the narrator of the tv series. New Amsterdam is circulating Dr. Max Goodwin. He is a radical medical director. Dr. Max works in the United States’ oldest public hospital. He wants to change the existing system of the hospital. He aims to provide maximum service to the patients. Max tries his best to reform the neglected facilities in the hospital. Dr. Max is tearing up the bureaucracy in the hospital. He wants to provide exceptional care to patients.

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 It consists of four consecutive seasons and 76 episodes. New York City is the place where it was produced. It premiered on 25th September 2018. NBC Universal Television is the distributor of New Amsterdam. 

4. Marvel’s Luke Cage

Marvel’s Luke Cage Tv show

Marvel’s Luke Cage is also an American tv series. It comes under action, drama, and superhero genres. Cheo Hodari Coker is the creator of this series. Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage. Drama is circulating the Luke Cage. The Immortal Luke Cage received super strength and unbreakable skin. He gains it from a sabotaged experiment. It is the turning point of the series. Then, he is attempting to rebuild his life in Harlem. He wants to confront his early life. He fights and battle for the heart of the city.

 It consists of two seasons and 26 episodes. It premiered on Netflix on 30th September 2016. Marvel’s Look Cage received a lot of positive reviews. Eventually, the series won the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy award.

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Written by MSM Riham

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