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8 best Streaming TV services to watch German movies

With the internet at our fingertips, it is so easy to search for almost anything including German movies to watch online. Growing in popularity, German movies are said to be some of the most amusing and delightful entertainment from countries around the world. However, searching for a reliable online streaming service that is affordable can take time and effort. Therefore, this article will help movie lovers explore their zest for German movies safely, without worrying about VPNs or ISP blockers getting in the way.


ZDF is a television channel that offers free German movies with the option to watch in the original language. In addition, ZDF provides streamers with dubbed versions of these movies so they can use a different audio setting. Moreover, consumers can also use the ZDF shop to buy German DVDs and Blu-rays, as referred to on

Das Erste

Das Erste is a streaming service that claims to provide the widest variety of German films. While it mostly offers movies, Das Erste also has a few live streams of German TV shows to choose from and broadcasts of news and reality shows. Furthermore, this website’s streaming services are only available in German and not English.


Fandor is another streaming service that offers a large variety of German movies and other entertainment. However, this is a paid site so there’s a subscription fee in which a free trial is offered for a few days first. In addition, Fandor focuses on providing its viewers with independent German films, documentaries, as well as a wide range of international titles.


MDR is a television and radio channel that provides a free library of movies and TV shows. The streaming service is always updating when these movies and programmes are presented on German television, so you can stay up with the same movies that the original German audience is seeing. However, MDR does not archive movies and TV shows so viewers will need to always check the website for new releases.


Goethe-Institut’s online movie library focuses on German cinema. Additionally, their movie lineup features recent releases ranging from comedy and children’s flicks to documentaries and feature films. Moreover, this streaming service has a few unexpected films in their original German language covering topics such as women and LGBT issues, Germany as a whole, history, culture, arts, and literature, that are available for viewing.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video offers a good range of German-language movies as well as other international movies that are dubbed with German audio and subtitle settings. In addition, with Amazon Prime, viewers can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that lets them access more movies and TV shows by changing their IP Address to connect with a remote German server. 

Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp is a streaming service that provides visitors with an extensive range of movie genres on weird topics. For example, Midnight Pulp caters for viewers who are cult movie maniacs and want to watch kinky horrors, anime, and sci-fi films. Moreover, this streaming service is free so there are no limits for streaming simultaneously on different devices.


Netflix is probably one of the most commonly known streaming services online. As a subscription-based service, viewers will have access to a wide selection of award-winning movies, tv-shows and documentaries online, which are available to download too. In addition, Netflix is available on multiple devices including a smart TV, computer, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, and PlayStation.


TV streaming services offer a ton of options for those looking to watch German movies online. From popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to dedicated German-focused services like Das Erste and ZDF, there is something for everyone. Whether a fan of German cinema or looking to explore new German films, these streaming services provide each viewer with a convenient way to indulge in a  movie night. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse in a range of German movies right from home.

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