The Ultimate Guide to Free Phone Number Tracking

The Ultimate Guide to Free Phone Number Tracking

We are sure everyone has at least once in their life thought: “I wish I could locate his/her phone now”, and it all ended on your wish, as there were no known ways to do it. Luckily, nowadays, the situation is different, and you can use a free phone number tracker or a paid one to know where one’s device is. Let’s find out what your options are.

A Review of Phone Tracking Options

Let’s not focus on the word “free” and talk generally about how you can track cell phone numbers. Basically, there are three main categories of applications:

  • free pre-installed application;
  • web-based phone number trackers;
  • full-scale mobile phone spy apps.

Apps from each category have their own advantages and problems, so let’s study each of them closely.

Free Pre-Installed Trackers

We will talk here about how to track phone number locations free of charge using the Find My app and Google Maps. As for the second title, do not be surprised, Google Maps can be used for tracking, not only for route building.

First things first, Find My app, what is it? Both Android and iOS have this type of software pre-installed on their devices, and its main aim is to help you find the device in case it is lost or stolen. People sharing the same Apple ID/Google credentials or who are in one family group can see the location of all the linked devices on the map when they open Find My.

Now, Google Maps. There is a nice feature in this app called “Location Sharing”. It allows you to choose another user, and they will see where you are in real-time. Moreover, if you want to track someone secretly – just get their phone for a minute and activate location sharing in settings. The probability they find this out is extremely low.

Web-Based Number Trackers

Another option to track cell phones by number is to use web-based services, such as or First of all, they can be used without installation or any manipulations with the target device. You must type the phone number in the corresponding field on the website, and voila! No, you are not going to see the location, not yet. You must compose a message first, asking, begging a person to tap on the tracking link, and only after they do will you see where they are.

Additionally, such services often offer additional services to attract more customers. For instance, GEOfinder has the following additional features:

  • WiFi connection monitoring tool;
  • VPN connection monitoring tool;
  • ID address monitoring tool.

These features all together are supposed to provide you with the best and most precise location tracking results. Moreover, both services offer a $1 trial for 48 hours.

Phone Spies

We get to the most complicated but, at the same time, the most effective way to track a phone number location – phone spies. Applications like uMobix or SpyBubble are supposed to be installed on the device secretly, and they provide you with a huge spectrum of monitoring possibilities:

  • SMS tracking;
  • social network monitoring;
  • keylogger;
  • launched applications tracker, and many more.

There is not much sense in using these apps if you only need location tracking: they are more expensive and complicated. However, they are your choice should you be interested in full-scale phone monitoring!

Free Tracking

Many users keep looking for a way to track phone number location for free. It definitely sounds juicy and attractive. However, it is tricky to the same extent. There are Google Maps and Find My, of course, but if you are looking for free third-party apps – be careful. The Internet is full of complaints that free trackers cause data leaks and breaches, compromising users’ privacy.

The reason why they do this is simple, although not so obvious. Such companies may gather people’s information to sell it to marketologists and sellers. Have you ever heard about hundreds of spam e-mails with “valuable” offers people receive on their e-mails? There is a high probability that their e-mail was sold in the way we described above.

Some paid titles may have a free trial version, for instance, uMobix and GEOfinder. It is not mentioned anywhere on the website, but if you ask the customer support service about it – you will get a positive reply. Do not hesitate to ask for it!

Final Word

People who want to track location by phone number for free can use Google Maps or Find My. Although those apps were initially created with a different goal in mind, they are still pretty decent for location tracking.

If you need a more specialized location tracking tool – try or, as these are web-based services created precisely for location tracking. They are quite cheap and work fast, requiring no download or installation.

Finally, if location tracking is only one aspect you are interested in, and generally, you need other features as well – try cell phone spies. They have a wide spectrum of features that can be applied in almost any possible situation.

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