Tips for starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2023

Tips for starting a YouTube gaming channel in 2023

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YouTube, the American online video-sharing and social media platform, is one of the most popular sources of entertainment. YouTube binges are a thing, YouTubers are too, and many leading YouTube channels get bigger audiences than some television shows.

The diverse content on the platform means that there is something for practically any type of audience. For gamers, it has certainly been a useful resource, generally for learning tips on specific games or simply to watch a professional gamer excel in a particular title. For many dedicated gamers, the appeal of YouTube is clear. Some people even want to become a gaming YouTuber themselves, although it isn’t easy. It’s certainly possible, though. In fact, new channels are being established regularly. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about starting a YouTube gaming channel, too. 

Focus on one game to start with 

Initially, it’s a good idea to focus on one game when starting your YouTube journey. Some creators make the mistake of producing too much content around a diverse collection of games, only for the vast majority of their content to get lost in YouTube’s algorithm. For example, if you’re an avid online casino gamer who is sharing regular videos on live roulette with real dealers, then YouTube will have no trouble in recommending your roulette-themed content to like-minded viewers. If you’re uploading content on roulette one week and then sharing FIFA videos the following week, though, then it can hinder your channel’s progression. Find the perfect game for you, create some new and exciting content around it, and then go from there. 

Get the right equipment 

Another mistake many aspiring creators make is by failing to invest in the correct equipment in order to produce the very best content. You don’t need to spend big and get the best technology around, but it’s worth adding the right things from the start so you’re enjoying creating and sharing content. Things you’ll need include a microphone, screen-recording software, a digital camera, good lighting, and a green screen. 

Focus on keywords 
Given the saturated space that YouTube has become, with the rise of the YouTuber giving birth to millions of content creators, it’s vitally important that you get things off to a good start with a keyword-friendly YouTube name. You also need to keep keywords in mind when titling videos. So, for example, if you’re sharing content on Call of Duty, make sure you use the name of the game as a YouTube keyword. This helps your channel rank higher in search results and will result in more views. Other things to keep in mind when coming up with a name for your channel and the subsequent videos that you decide to title includes: making sure all spelling is correct, make your channel name fewer than 70 characters, use good keywords, and avoid any offensive language.

Join a gaming community 

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Many gaming YouTubers can struggle for content ideas at times. In order to combat this potential scenario, join a gaming community of the game you love and you’ll gain some inspiration along the way. For example, services like Discord are full of like-minded gamers who discuss all things gaming. Joining a service like Discord and finding the ideal community for you will result in significant game updates being discussed, any questions newcomers to the game have, and tips and tricks for conquering specific levels, plus a whole lot more. Alongside Discord, Twitch, Reddit and Steam are worth considering, too. 

Other tips are: make sure all thumbnails are enticing, follow all gaming trends, and upload content regularly.

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