Can I Place Sports Bets at Online Casinos

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When you sign up to a fully licensed online casino, you will often have access to anywhere from several hundred up to 2,000 or more games from multiple market-leading game development studios.

The question being asked here is, can I place sports bets at online casinos? Let’s dive straight in to find out.

Is it possible to place sports bets at licensed casino sites?

Yes, and no. Some online casinos also have separate sports betting products, which means you can play casino games and place bets on some of your favourite sports.

These websites are often referred to as online casino sports betting sites or online sports betting casinos. One such example is the iconic mobile casino 32Red.

When you sign up to this fully licensed casino site, you will also have access to their sports betting services with competitive markets for over 35 major global sports leagues and tournaments.

What kind of sports can I bet on at licensed sports betting casinos?

Some of the major sports it’s usually possible to bet on are the following:

  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • American football
  • Athletics
  • Rugby league
  • Rugby union
  • Ice hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball
  • American football
  • Formula 1 racing
  • Cricket
  • Golf

You can also usually find markets for field hockey, lacrosse, netball, cycling, rowing, handball, eSports, WWE/Pro Wrestling, MMA, snooker, table tennis, and greyhounds.

Others include TV & novelty, winter sports, the Summer Olympics, the football world cup, pool, Pesäpallo, politics, trotting, darts, motocross, and one or two other major sports.

How to place sports bets at online casinos

To place sports bets, simply go to the sports betting section and then click or tap on a sport of your choice that you would most like to bet on. A complete list of upcoming and in-play events for that sport should then appear.

Select one of the events to find a complete list of markets, and then you will find a range of different bet types and odds. Choose a market you want to bet on, enter the amount you wish to bet, and then click or tap to confirm.

A confirmation message will appear to say that your bet was successfully placed. You can also keep track of any bets you have placed when logged into your account.

Can I change the betting odds format?

That’s a good question, and the answer is yes, you can change how the betting odds appear. There are three different odds formats, including:

  • Fractional (popular in the United Kingdom)
  • American/moneyline (popular in North America)
  • Decimal (popular in most other countries/regions)

If you go to the bottom of the page at 32Red Sports, you will find a small section that allows you to flick between the different odds formats. Let’s take a quick look at a few examples of how certain betting odds may appear in the three different formats.

In the UK fractional odds format, you might find a bet with 4/11 odds. This means 1.36 in decimal odds and -275 in American (moneyline) odds.

Also, 6/5 odds, for example, is the same as saying 2.2 decimal odds or +120 in American odds.

Other examples include 2/1 (fractional), which is 3.00 (decimal), and +200 (American). 10/1 (fractional) is 11.00 (decimal), and +1,000 (American), and so on.

The best thing to do would be to find out which odds format you prefer most and then always stick to using the same format each time you’re looking at odds/placing bets.

Final note

When placing sports bets, always try to understand what the odds are trying to tell you about what might happen in an event. Try not to waste your money on outside/longshot bets that aren’t likely to return a profit, and never chase your losses.

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