How to create an internet radio station?

How to create an internet radio station

Internet radio is a medium that broadcasts audio content online using streaming technology. If you would like to host a radio station or dream of starting to broadcast on the Internet, discover the straightforward process to create a radio station.

Internet radio or online radio is a radio that only broadcasts on the internet. It refers to streaming an audio stream on a portable device (smartphone, tablet, computer). Internet radio as we know it today was launched in February 1995 with Radio HK, which used multicast technology. Nowadays, there are a vast number of web radios; they can be classified into two categories: traditional radios that broadcast the same content on the air and online and radios that stream exclusively on the internet.

Internet radio, how does it work?

The operation of an online radio station is relatively simple. The audio stream produced by your web radio station is sent to servers responsible for broadcasting it to listeners on media via the internet. You can define content broadcast live or by the principle of pre-recorded playlists. Your listeners will need an internet connection, a listening device (smartphone, computer, etc.), as well as a mobile application or a radio player (Itunes, Windows Media Player, etc.).

Creating an internet radio station, what to consider?

The first step to creating your internet radio will be defining the correlation between your motivations, objectives and project.

Keeping your web radio alive, day after day, over the long term involves many hours of preparation and work. Your motivations will be the guideline of your objectives and the means to implement to achieve them.

If you plan to monetize your venture, you will also need to rely on positioning and a promising concept for your web radio station, validated by market research.

What equipment do I need?

Creating your radio station online is a straightforward process that requires a little bit of know-how. First of all, make sure you have the necessary equipment. Here, it is a room with good acoustic quality, a computer and a microphone. Next, you will have to install the streaming server software and a media player on the computer.

Then, you will need equipment: a computer, microphones, microphone stands, pop filters or amplifiers, etc. It depends on your budget and especially on your basic concept.

A web radio can be set up alone, but you will benefit even more from working with others. On the other hand, it requires more equipment. In short, if you are alone, you can have a microphone to plug into your computer. But as soon as several microphones are involved, you need a mixer. In addition, remember all the additional wiring, as well as the audio headsets.

You could start with something basic such as three microphones, three articulated arms, three pop filters, five headphones, three XLR cables (F – M), and a mixing desk.

Once the hardware and software are installed, you will need to configure them, and you will now be ready to go online. Once connected, you are free to change the name of your station as many times as you wish. However, choose a short and catchy name from the start and stick to it. No restrictions are applied in this area, so let your imagination run wild.

What sound content to offer?

Before creating the web radio, you must establish its sound charter. First, ask yourself the right questions :

  • To whom do you want to address the audio content?
  • What are the habits of your future listeners?
  • What types of sound content will be relevant?
  • What will be the broadcast schedule for each type of content?
  • Knowing your listeners well will ensure that you are heard more widely.

Web radio: choosing your host

There are many hosts, but one stands out from the rest – RadioKing, a company that specializes in the creation of online radio. RadioKing offers a reasonably comprehensive range of services, such as hosting, customizing its look with a CMS, a cloud, or distributing additional content through a blog platform. The price range for subscriptions is relatively wide, with a technical service to help Internet users create their platform included in all packages. The price of the subscription increases with the quality of the bandwidth and the number of listeners.

Considering the startup needs of your internet radio

The level of startup needs will depend on your goals. It will vary greatly depending on whether you decide to produce audio documentaries, interviews, broadcast playlists, or offer podcasts on your Youtube channel.

Publicizing your internet radio station

If you have a web radio, you need a website to stream your shows and sound more professional. To do this, you can access sites that help you set up yours at a lower cost or free of charge, such as Radio King.

The best thing is to have a site that is easy for visitors to use so they can quickly navigate. Create something that is in line with your project and especially with your target audience.

As well as creating a website, be present in web radio directories and social networks, and initiate financial and professional partnerships. The more visible and present you are, the more likely you are to develop your audience. In addition, you will be more credible to potential funders with an increasing listening rate and strategic partnerships.

Once you have created your online radio station, you need to work to make it famous. As for any new business, this is the most crucial objective for online radio. You can make money from ads if your radio station reaches a particular audience. But how do you go about it? You can start by promoting your radio station on social networks and sites specializing in your field. Secondly, take care to distribute quality, homogeneous and coherent content. Finally, always prepare your broadcasts in advance so as not to work in a rush. Use all possible platforms to make yourself seen: Facebook, Instagram, Bumble, TikTok, and Twitter.

They allow you to reach more people and generate interest. It is essential to be active, even when you do not have a program, to continue capturing listeners’ attention. Take polls, distribute written articles and, most importantly, create podcasts. Make sure to record your shows and allow listeners to listen to them again at any time!

Creating an online radio station may seem a massive project, but apart from the technical side related to the hardware, the rest is child’s play especially if you use the services of Radio King. So let your imagination run wild, and have fun! After all, that’s the main thing!

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Written by Joshua White

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