There are no shortcuts to completing virtual escape rooms. You and your team will have to go through each level and obstacle in a logical manner. Having said that, there are smarter (and pro-verified, might we add) steps for you to get to hurdle over said challenges in a quicker, more efficient manner. Here’s how. 

1. Room Maximum Capacity At 50% 

“More puzzle players” isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a recourse with the best Escape Room concord relies on. Experts say that the maximum number of people per group, per escape room round, should not reach 100%-capacity.

50% is the optimal number, with 75% being the maximum. Too-many-minds may obstruct the process of formulating united efforts towards singular goals and/or obstacles in the room, per level. That said, you may need to adjust this according to the number of players, the size of the web-based escape room, and the obstacles stationed therein. 

Though virtual, not overcrowding will allow the team room to think and communicate (whether in person or through chat/ video discussions) smoothly, sans the clutter. 

2. Appoint Team Leaders 

Although virtual escape rooms like Zscape Games in San Ramon are very much undertakings that require cooperation and teamwork and that everyone needs to put in his and/or her best foot forward and be involved in the puzzle-solving activity, there has to be a team leader. 

Having a team leader and/or overseer will be helpful in streamlining communications and decisions to be made. A point person is among the keys to ensuring that the members and their inputs are heard. But only inputs which are relevant to an obstacle will be collated and applied in real-time. 

3. Yelling May Help 

Yelling out clues and/or solutions found, that is. You’ll be surprised at how this can boost productivity, mainly because of how doing so can create a sense of urgency whilst figuring out hints throughout the virtual puzzle game. 

It’s also a means of encouraging the rest of the team members, especially when everyone seems to be stuck in an obstacle that’s taking time away from what is allotted to you through the escape room-timer. 

4. No One Left Behind 

Be sure that each member of the team is assigned a task within the virtual escape room. Leaving people out of the picture undermines some of the benefits of said web-based team activities. Benefits like fostering communication, cooperation, and more (as mentioned in a different post). 

Besides this, there may be parts and parcels of the puzzle that require more minds than one. Divide the team into smaller clusters. There should be a point person per cluster who will collate information from the others. A callback to number 2, as mentioned above. 

5. Avoid Focusing On One Piece Of The Puzzle 

This can slow the pace of the team down by notches. Remember, these clue-portions are merely parts of a whole. The bigger picture still has to be the goal of escaping the room within the set timeframe. 

Adjacent to letting your teammates be assigned with certain tasks within the virtual escape room, remind them not to spend too much time on a single one. If there are available problems to be solved, have them move towards these as well. 

Our Take On The Matter 

With “rules” and “tips” on how to make the most of your time solving virtual escape rooms with your friends, family, and/or teammates in the office, enter these puzzle web-based games “fresh”. Try not to overthink them. Finally, have as much fun as you can, while exercising your prowess in logic and analysis, individually, and with strong team effort

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