This trail system provides temporary roads for rough terrain

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A UK-based manufacturer developed a trail system that provides temporary roads in rough terrain. This innovative system enables the creation of portable roadways and runways for military, industrial, and humanitarian applications.

FAUN Trackway, a company that has been providing innovative and efficient solutions in military, disaster relief, and industrial applications for decades, has developed these temporary roads. Modular roadways and runways made of aluminium panels are their main product line. 

These roadways have modular aluminium panels in various widths, so they can easily interlock via tongue and groove joints. It creates suitable roads for wheeled and heavy equipment. 

This will be essential in military operations, disaster relief operations, industrial operations, and crucial public gatherings to provide temporary roads. 

FAUN TRACKWAY Medium Ground Mobility System l
This trail system creates temporary roads for vehicles and people. (Military systems and technology)

Unveiling the Mechanics of FAUN Temporary Roads

FAUN temporary roadways consist of light-weight aluminium panels, specifically designed to interlock using tongue and groove joints. 

While foaming a temporary roadway, aluminium panels measuring 11 feet, 13.9 feet, or 15 feet, depending on the model, are laid out continuously to create a surface. 

It is easy to handle with less manpower. These trackways provides a stable, high-traction roadway for wheeled and heavy equipment. It can easily adapt to a variety of climate conditions, from extreme cold to heat.

This trail system provides temporary roads in rough terrain

Who Stands to Gain?

FAUN Trackway’s temporary roads are crucial in various operations. In important military operations, these tracks provide convenient pathways for troops, vehicles and equipment. 

Throughout disaster relief operations, these roadways allow vehicles and emergency aid personnel to move forward. It offers firm roads at huge public meetings, reduces ground damage, and promotes public safety.

These tracks provide reliable access for construction projects in remote or environmentally sensitive areas. Utility companies can also benefit from this innovative solution to access remote areas to provide services. 

To sum it up, the UK-based manufacturing company FAUN has come up with a trail system that provides temporary roads in rough terrain. It creates temporary rods and runways for crucial operations. 

Its lightweight aluminium panel trackway feature creates stable and high-traction pathways to the vehicles. and it is adaptable to various environmental conditions. 

Featured image credits: Military systems and technologies, Defense advancement

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