This multi-wheeler bike lets you skate, cycle, and scoot at once

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A German-based company developed a multi-wheeler bike that integrates skating, cycling, and scooting into one seamless experience so that users can enjoy the benefits of all three activities simultaneously.

Aemotics, a company based in Munich developed this bike and presented it at the ISPO Munich show. 

This bike enables both steady and entertaining rides by connecting strap-on skates to a front wheel via articulated legs. It also has a foldable design and an intuitive braking system.

For people who live in cities and want to enjoy the benefits of skating, cycling, and scootering, this bike will be handy. It will be fun, efficient, and portable. 

AeYO is a multi-wheeler bike that combines efficient inline skating with the comfort of a bicycle, allowing you to move your legs freely while remaining stable. (Work Loves Shop)

The innovative design and structural framework: Aeyo multi-wheeler bike let you skate, cycle, and scoot

Aeyo multi-wheeler has an articulated leg connected to two straps to the front wheel. This feature will allow the skate to move independently with stability. 

Users can fold the Aeyo easily, and it has right and left hand brakes connected to the skates. Unlike traditional scooters, Aeyo allows inline skating motion.

This bike lets you skate cycle and scoot

Unlocking advantages: benefits of the Aeyo multi-wheeler

The Aeyo multi-wheeler bike has the combined functions of skating, biking, and scootering. It engages multiple muscle groups, such as the legs, arms, back, and core.

It provides balance and stability, unlike traditional inline skating. The folding feature of the Aeyo multi-wheeler makes it easier to transport and store.

It can also provide a unique riding experience.

Purchase Availability

The Aeyo multi-wheeler bike is available for purchase on various platforms, such as AliExpress and Amazon. It is available in six colours for 615 USD.

To sum it up, the Aeyo multi-wheeler bike was developed by the Aemotics company. This bike lets you skate, cycle, and scoot at once. 

With its unique features, it provides a riding experience that engages multiple muscle groups and promotes stability. It is available for purchase on multiple platforms for 615USD. 

Featured Image Credits: Amazon, AliExpress

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