This civil servant robot committed suicide after working without breaks

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Evoking horrors of employee burnout, the very first recorded case of robot suicide occurred in South Korea. The robot was a civil servant who worked from 9 am to 6 pm without breaks.

The incident occurred at Gumi City Council where the robot worked. Allegedly the robot plunged down a staircase to its “death”, severely damaging itself.

The witnesses saw it hovering in one place before the incident, as if something was wrong. It was afterwards the robot thrown down itself down the staircase between first and second floors.

Online speculations arose whether the robot had too much work. But authorities are investigating the exact cause of this shocking incident.


The first case of robot suicide (X account of Tom Valentino)

Robotic civil servant

California based Bear Robotics created this robot, who entered service of the city council in October 2023. Its duties included daily delivery of documents, providing information to residents and promoting the city.

This is the first instance in which the city used robotic technology. The robot was warmly regarded by city officials as one of their own and carried out its work diligently before this mishap.

Dutiful robot ( Bear Robotics)

Reason for suicide

While speculations arose as to whether the robot’s workload made it suffer an “employee burnout”, the authorities are investigating the exact cause. The scraps and pieces have been gathered and Bear Robotics would carry out the investigation.

In conclusion a robotic civil servant in South Korea has thrown itself down stairs in first robot suicide and it supposedly worked from 9 am to 6 pm without any break.

Featured Image Credit: Koreaboo

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