This bike allows strength and cardio workouts together

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The creator of roller blades has developed an innovative fitness solution: a RowBike, so everyone can do strength and cardio at the same time. 

Scot Olson and his crew started a new company, RowBike, Inc., in 2015. Recently, Barry Farber, a well-known athlete and sports marketer, joined the crew as the head of marketing. 

This RowBike operates by pulling the handlebar in a rowing motion towards the user to move forward. Like traditional bicycles, it has steering facilities. 

The standout feature of this bike is its zero impact on joints, making it ideal for individuals of all levels of fitness. 

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A RowBike is a combination of the motions of rowing and cycling. (

RowBike: why it’s your ultimate choice for health and fitness benefits

RowBike provides a natural, fresh riding experience, unlike indoor exercise machines. Its caloric burning efficiency is high, and it burns fifty percent more calories compared to traditional cycling. 

It gives a full-body conditioning workout that promotes overall strength and flexibility. For people recovering from injuries and individuals seeking low-impact workouts, RowBike provides a cardio workout with low impact. 

Users can do a stress-free entire-body workout. This characteristic sets it apart from the traditional workout space. Most importantly, this is a bike that allows you to do strength and cardio training at the same time.

Who benefits most from using the RowBike?

Rowbikes are suitable for persons of all fitness levels, particularly those who prefer low-cardio training, such as those recovering from knee ailments, those looking for low-impact exercises, and runners.

RowBike availability: where and how to buy

RowBikes are directly available for purchase from their official website, with a 10-year guarantee on the frame and power lever and 2 years on all the bike parts. This guarantee does not cover damage; however, availability can change over time. 

To sum it up, RowBike, Inc. has come up with a bike that allows you to do strength and cardio training at the same time and provides low-impact workouts. It is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

A RowBike provides a natural riding experience, and it helps burn more calories compared to traditional cycling. 

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