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What is The Shortest Country Name?

The Shortest Country name: Exploring the Origins & Significance of Nation Titles

If you’ve been wondering what the shortest country name is, then you realize there is a ten-way tie for it. Furthermore, the article explores the origins and significance of the shortest country names. To improve communication between people and cultures, we need standardized geographical names of countries. In this tour of toponymy, would you like to explore the shortest country name? Exactly the answer would be yes.

Moreover, this will be a great help if you are willing to participate in activities based on country names. The quiz- Shortest Country Name A-Z is a funny quest like that.

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What is The Shortest Country Name?

The shortest country name defines the country name with the least number of characters. Four-letter countries have the shortest names. Some of them are Chad, Oman, Fiji, Peru, etc.

Although the United Nations recognize these states, these are not full official names recognized internationally. For example, Chad is formally known as the Republic of Chad, and Oman is officially called the Sultanate of Oman.

There are no country names with fewer than 4 letters. But sometimes, few are called by their initial letters. As proof;

  • UK– United Kingdom
  • USA– United States of America
  • PNG– Papua New Guinea
  • UAE– United Arab Emirates
  • DRC– Democratic Republic of Congo
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Countries with the shortest names

As mentioned above, the shortest country names are four characters. There are such 10 countries as;

1. Chad

Chad is an African country and a former French colony (Tchad). It was named for Lake Chad, which means “lake, a large expanse of water” from a local word.

2. Cuba

Cuba is an island in the Caribbean sea officially known as the Republic of Cuba. The name Cuba comes from the Taino people, who inhabited there in ancient times. Cuba derives from the Taino word ‘cubanacan,’ which means “a central place.”

3. Fiji

Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is a country in the South Pacific Ocean and is the old Tongan word for the islands, stemming from the Fijian name ‘Viti.’

4. Iran

Iran is known as the Islamic Republic of Iran and is also called Persia. It means the “land of Aryans.” It springs from the 3rd-century Sasanian Middle Persian Eran, which means “of the Iranians.”

5. Iraq

Iraq is also a country in the Middle East like Iran, which is officially the Republic of Iraq. There are several put forward origins for the name. One is from the Middle Persian word ‘eraq,’ which means “low lands.” Another Arabic folk etymology for the name is “deeply rooted, well-watered, fertile.”

6. Laos

Laos is a Southeast Asian country, and the name is made up of French. They had been named the plural of the ‘dominant’ because of the most common ethnic group, the Lao people.

7. Mali

Mali, formally the Republic of Mali, is formerly French Sudan. The country was named after the Empire of Mali. The name descends from the Bambara word for ‘hippopotamus.’

8. Oman

Oman is an Arabic country that is officially The Sultanate of Oman. The origin of the name shows a connection to Pliny the Elder’s Omana and Ptolemy’s Omanon; both belike the ancient Sohar.

9. Peru

Peru is a South American country. There are several suggestions for the country name origin. They are from the Spanish word ‘Peru,’ ‘Biru,’ Quechua Pelu, or more likely from ‘Viru,’ which changed to Peru.

10. Togo

Togo is a West African country. The name came from the Ewe language as “behind the river.”


Some countries have long names, and they are commonly known for their shorter name, such as the UK, USA, etc. However, there is a blend of ten names considering the title “The Shortest Country Name.” The countries with the shortest names are Chad, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Oman, Peru, and Togo. Almost every country gets its name from a tribe, a feature of the land, a directional description, or from an important person.

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